Attitude on the sideline

Just listened to the interview with photographer Mike Mulholland on pride of detroit. It was a solid interview… but one thing really stood out. He was asked what he thinks about the team and he said the coaching is definitely the problem. This isn’t from an expert. Or an analysis of the Xs and Os. He simply mentioned how pitiful the sideline has been all year. He said the lions sideline is full of guys not involved or rooting on teammates. He said pre game and during the game… the away team at Ford field makes way more noise and excitement. He said he believes the lions players can’t wait to get out of there. He said even when the play is getting chippy… lions on the sideline are barely interested. This is from one of the few people who are actually there. This is the biggest indictment I’ve heard so far.


I’m curious why he blames the coaching for players not being interested?

Basically he’s saying the team has checked out.


Team morale i guess, everyone just there to do their job and get a paycheck


Or playing without a crowd sucks for them as much as it does for the fans not there?!


So the away team makes way more noise because of that?

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Yes actually if you think about it… “your home” is empty and it sickening

When you go away it’s “thier” shitty empty fanless stands and I’m happier!

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why wouldn’t you?

its simply put imho…

the team i would be on would be more relax in the other teams shitty house as im thinking its shittier for them than me!!

So then, we’re the louder, more engaged team at our away games?

Shouldn’t matter this is the NFL. If our team is consistently less excited than another team who has to travel and go through extra covid precautions that wear + tear it’s a problem.

Haven’t checked in a couple weeks but AFAIK the statistical advantages for home teams were remaining constant implying other factors are making things a bit more difficult for the road team. If that’s still holding true across the league at week 10 this is a chickensh*t excuse.

Mike Mulholland has an opinion or agenda …I don’t know , but based on what he sees at the Home games he is present for …it has not been great

The Lions have not been very good at Home and I can’t imagine a warm and fuzzy atmosphere when the Bears staged the comeback they did week 1 , the Saint’s game, the Colts game …even the Washington game …

The game winning drive and kick by Prater …did not show a team that has checked out …

The Defense was on prater in seconds congratulating him mid field , excited and into the moment …

I would also think the photographer would have had a better experience himself with the previous regime as I can imagine the Lions the way they are run now , are not nearly as accessible as they were previously…


It’s crazy to me that fans would cry endlessly about Caldwell being a “statue” on the sidelines and showing no emotion… yet these same people do not cry about Patricia being even more of a statue? He does nothing on the sidelines. He never chews officials out or players, just stands there wearing a garbage bag, with a pencil in his ear for his laminate sheet. He does nothing. He is a joke, and Caldwell had way more of a sideline presence than Patricia.

Just compare Patricia sideline presence to Pete Carroll, Shanahan, Mcvay, Belichick, Vrabel, Tomlin, Harbaugh, Sean Payton.

Andy Reid is the only coach who has no sideline presence that actually wins… he doesn’t whine much or show much emotion.


Iggy you are so right, and one thing is for sure the double standards around are plenty.

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Proofs right there for you to see about this brother!!!

3 wins away
1 win at home

Need anything else to help validate this let me know!! :crazy_face::upside_down_face::pray::heart::+1:

And I’m still playing devils advocate as the article is not sound imho anyways…

But when I can, for fun, I may go look at the home and away overall for this yr only … and see if all other team other than ours win more away this yr…

Nothing to do with schedule?

A few weeks ago, I do know that they said that away teams were winning more, so home field advantage wasn’t really a thing this year.


Like I said… respectfully it’s common sense human physiology imho…

Look at it with honesty open mindedness and a willingness to see the truth for the truth it is not what I want it to be and it plain to see

Stafford mic’d up would suggest the opposite


And nothing can be painted into a single ideA across the board…

The betters teams get past this this season and are winning both away and home…
But most teams, like ours are there imho… can they make the switch? I hope so!!