Aubrey Pleasant to the Pack!

I was like WTF!!!

I’m pulling for this regime but we gotta stop resourcing the top teams in our division. We gave Hockenson and 2 pix in last year’s draft to the Vikings and now Pleasant to the Pack. And currently not too happy about us passing on Fields who in his 2nd year is already looking like the next Jalen Hurts…in our division…for a decade likely…

Just keep winning!

The Bears just set a record for rushing over 200 yards in 5 straight games…and lost 4 of them. The Bears are 3-7 and would/should have been 2-8 had the 49ers not started their mistake of a QB Trey Lance in the first game of the season. So we got nothing for Hock or for our trade with the Vikings last year, because that’s the way you’re framing it. BTW, Hock has 3 TD’s this season,the same number of TD’s our TE’s have scored the last 2 weeks. AND we were never going to use Hock properly and he was constantly nicked up, injured and the upcoming contract simply wasn’t going to be something we were going to swallow.

Do you recall, at all, at what Vikings fans thought of their trade with us? Any thoughts on the Vikings trade with GB that netted GB Watson, who had 3 TD’s Sunday? WTF? Not seeing the problem here.

This was posted yesterday

I don’t see Fields running as being all that sustainable. He’s going to get hurt. Take away the run threat he isn’t a particular fearsome passer. His completion percentage is under 60% with 12 TDs and 7 Ints