Austin Bryant: "I'm a great player too"

This guy is finally injury-free and having a great camp so far.


That’s the key for him, staying healthy. I remember one sack last year, where he literally just threw the o-lineman to the ground like he was a high school kid. Can’t remember the exact game, but it was impressive.

Edit, found it! And that tackle was none other than Riley Reiff, who is now a Bear!


This is really good as we are a little thin at DE with Romeo and Josh recovering from injury.


Good point! If fully healthy, we got a nice group. Hutch, Harris, Romeo, Julian, Paschal and Bryant. Gotta get Romeo and Paschal healthy though.


Is it just me, or has our depth gotten a lot better for most position groups, deeper than we have been in a long while? And it seems like it happened really quickly. Probably due to better drafting and finding good pieces as UDFAs.


I agree, many positions look much deeper. Still a little concerned about DT though.


Yup…DT, LB, and QB. I guess S is still a little thin, although, Iffy changing positions has helped that situation out some.

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I agree that alot of positions look deep. But counter-balancing that a little bit is still a lack of elite talent, esp on D. Take CB. Most people say AO is our clear #1. Granted, he had 7 int’s last year, but I think he has a ways to go before calling him elite. You mentioned DT – our number 1 is Alim, again, he needs to progress alot before being discussed with the league’s best DT’s. Safety - Walker #1 - he’s a solid starter right now. DE may get there in a year or two if Harris continues his trajectory and Hutch is who we think he is.

O-line different story - we’re pretty set with eites (Rags, Penei), mixed in with solid starters. But to your main point – our depth is going to make for some tough tough decisions this year.


I’m more than a little concerned with onwuzurike. Year two and he’s struggling with a back issue? I hope this isn’t something that flames out his career before it even really starts.

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That it will. It’s something that hasn’t happened around these parts a whole lot, especially, lately. I expect some of our cuts to be playing for other teams come this fall.

His attitude and agressiveness meshes well with this team. He’s another gritty dog, who loves his brothers. I love him thinking he’s right up there with Harris and Hutch. I think I saw that his sacks per snap were highest on the team last year.

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[quote=“JerseyJungle, post:11, topic:16680, full:true”] I think I saw that his sacks per snap were highest on the team last year.

2nd highest rate.

J. Okwara…. 5 sacks … 362 snaps
Bryant… 4.5 sacks… 436 snaps
Harris… 7.5 sacks… 872 snaps

I’m not sure how many of those snaps were passing downs…


So far Levi’s career has started very similar to Bryant’s, who this thread is about. I hate to beat a dead horse, but health is the key. Levi played all last year without even being able to sit in a chair.

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Makes me want to see more of Julian. He also had 9 QB hits in those 362 snaps. Harris is much better vs the run though, that’s why he’s getting so many more snaps.

Damn shame him and Hand could never stay on the field. Hope its time, he must be rested…lol


Back issues are never a good thing though. I’d rather it be legs.

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I like a lot of the moves B. Holmes has made, but he seems to like to take chances on dudes with injury histories. We have seen many examples of this the past 2 years. Ty Williams last year, Levi, Paschal, Chark, Jamo, Mitchell, Elliot, etc. I’m sure there are more, that’s just off the top of my head. I’m not saying those moves won’t work out, I’m very hopeful they do, but there is risk involved.


right. Hand really looked ready to bust out last year, then pfffft. it woyldn’t shock me if bryant does the same, but it sure would be nice if he didn’t.


Don’t jinx it. Training camp isn’t over.

Is there actual confirmation or news on levi, all i have read is banged up in practice and we qre being careful… what is the actual issue?