Austin Bryant’s play vs Buffalo

The personal foul penalty was a knucklehead move. So so late to hit the QB. Probably helps explain why he hasn’t played much this season.

Once Paschal and/or the Okwaras come back, Bryant shouldn’t be active again this season.

Bryant is an unrestricted FA after this season and I see no way he’s back in 2023.


Yup to all this

That penalty, in that situation, is unforgivable

He’s all but done
Just a matter of when the release is announced


At some point, they’re going to need to open up some roster spots and he is an obvious candidate.


Lack of awareness:

“Man, I was just going, in the moment, rush, he’s a big quarterback,” Bryant said. "Didn’t know he was throwing the ball and slung him down. It’s unfortunate but I’m trying my best, going as hard as I can to help the team win. It’s unfortunate that they made that call.

It was the right call. The hit was way late.


Wait he said that? If so talk about zero self awareness

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This is the play I keep eluding to because it was SO baaad…and SO avoidable…and so detrimental to the team.


I mentioned this yesterday… he might get cut soon.



Christ almighty.

He’s either stupid or he’s lying. Probably a combination of both.


i was one of his fans, probably because I loved the Clemson DLine that he was part of. His pre-season was excellent, and I was looking forward to him blossoming this year while finally avoiding injury. But count me out now…there’s some plays that are so telling it can completely change your mind. That was one of them. I think his bonehead move was a reaction from a couple plays before that, I can’t remember exactly what it was, but he was all wound up and I said to myself…calm down…he didn’t.

The other thing is – I’m intrigued with Houston now. AB days are numbered for sure.


The thing is there is an article that states the team/coaches knew this crew was trigger happy calling roughing the passer and they educated and briefed all the players on this during the week.

Bryant will be gone after this season

“(Players) should know better,” head coach Dan Campbell said. “We knew that crew, that was one of the things we talked about. That crew is (known for) unnecessary roughness, and you get close to the quarterback, they’re going to call it. So (players were) educated on that. It just comes down to discipline.”


IF AB gets cut, watch Jamo take his #2 jersey.

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You had me at stupid.



Yea I noticed it also. Was a few plays before and I was thankful they didn’t call that one. Those are the mistakes this team can’t afford.

He’s not good enough to compensate for making bonehead plays like that. He’s way too stiff as a pass rusher and has no reliable moves.

Who knows if Buffalo would have converted 3rd and 10 but that’s the play that stands out to me as the costliest in this game. The missed FG, shit happens, the Goff/Chark miscommunication sure but this was completely avoidable. Plays like that could end the career of a tweener like Bryant.

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With Hutchinson, Paschal, Cominsky, Harris, J Okwara, R Okwara, and Houston, I don’t think Bryant survives the season.


problems are amplified when ppl don’t own them…that’s what this is.

LOL - nice!

Feels good to read those words.


Hopefully this means Levi has to seriously play his way back on to the field.

Austin Bryant plays with a bunch of emotion. Problem with some high emotion players…is discipline

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Not sure what else he said but if this is the full statement he fails to take any responsibility for the penalty. Then add the “it’s unfortunate they made that call” - seriously - In what fantasy land could he possibly live in that they would not make that call. My problem with Bryant is even since healthy he has shown flashes but he has never strung those flashes together. This statement probably indicates why. We don’t need this kind of depth. Let’s move on.

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