Awesome Sauce

I read a little on Sauce Gardner today. He hasn’t been mentioned much on the board, but was comped to Jalen Ramsey. Is he not an option at 2 because our backfield is so stocked? Just curious for a little banter about Sauce as a possibility at 2…

Have at it…

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Oh I’d have him as an option, he’s my #3 overall guy. That said I have Hutch and Thibs comfortably ahead of him, but I think Sauce is gonna be a star.


I remember a stat from the Schwartz era that said CBs miss an average of 4 games per year. I am not a fan of drafting one that high. I hated the Okudah pick. Wish him the best but don’t like a CB that high.

Also a great CB with no pressure on the QB is a waste. They can’t cover forever.


Probably the best film,combine numbers and production combination in the draft.I would be surprised if he was picked at 2 but in 10 years I bet he will have more pro bowls than Hutch or Willis.

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YES → Unless he’s Deon Sanders, it’s a firm no for me too. I want to build trenches first. I believe that’s our strategy.


After seeing how Parker, Price, and Jacobs played I’m pretty confident in their ability to find late round cbs and undrafted cbs.

I dont think they will spend an early round pick on a corner. However I do really like Gardner and wouldn’t mind if they drafted him after trading down.


But a corner who can eliminate his side of the field is worth his weight in gold. There’s a reason the Jets pretty much always had elite defenses when Revis was there.

I agree about pressure though, but that’s on Brad to find guys to get the pressure. The idea is having an elite shutdown corner AND pressure, but either way a great corner is never a waste.


That’s a great reason to draft Sauce not pass on him. Glenn and Pleasant did a helluva job with what they had to work with. I’d love to see what competent coaching could do with a guy like SG. He’s going to be a star. Imagine adding a Jalen Ramsey to this defense. That’s a bit better than a few UDFA’s.

Ever draft should draft a CB not at 2 but during draft We got lucky last season finding 2 in UDFA an drafting Ifi Mid Draft

But also always I think try an add one. They get costly an can miss many games I just don’t see there cost.
Do you need good ones yes but agree with other poster you need pressure .

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But do we really want to build a team that way. That will get you the 28th ranked defense.

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I just think Thibs and Hutch would have more of an impact. I also think Holmes has an eye for underrated dbs. On top of that I feel like it would be much easier to find dbs in the mid rounds compared to pass rushers.


I agree with all of this. Combine that with the idea that I’m pretty sure these dudes believe in the strategy of building trenches first, and it even amplifies it.

I’m not convinced we’re not in decent shape at CB, when healthy. Okudah, AO, JJ all come back healthy, and let’s see what this thing looks like. Got some great experience last year for the depth guys. Okudah’s recovery/health don’t look to be an obstacle at this point.

Let’s draft a DE and a DT (get some pressure), and see what this MF’r looks like…


Yet another reason to take one of the DEs with their first pick

They will have to love Willis to take him there

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Thanks to you all for adding some awesome sauce to the convo. Keep it coming I wanna hear it. What if Holmes drafts awesome sauce?

What if Holmes had landed a Jslen Ramsey type in Free Agency. Feel better?

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I’m torn on Sauce.

My general rules for drafting for CB is not top 5 unless they are great AND run low 4.3’s. Rookie CB’s are going to struggle against grown ass men. They need that raw physical speed to make up for their mistakes as most NFL players are not low 4.3’s so the young CB can catch back up.

Once they start to learn their place in the NFL, combine with their great ability and 4.3 speed, then you have a pro-bowl CB.

A 4.5 guy might have been great in college but he just won’t have the speed to make up for his rookie mistakes and is going to get torched by NFL receivers. That will start to get into his head. He’ll start playing too far off, then get torched underneath. Then he’ll start leaning forward and get burned deep again. His head will be spinning, confidence drops. Less risk when you take a player like that towards the bottom of the first round vs top.

All that being said, adding Sauce, moving Okudah to S would be a nice thing to see.

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I can see all of this - I get this take, for sure. CB is impossible for rooks. Slay looked terrible for his first few years.

I don’t see us going CB @2.
Best case for any organization is that a QB works out, and that is why somehow landing Willis is my first pick. He may just be slated to go in a slot where it makes no sense for us to snag him (like how I wanted J-Will last year, but wasn’t devastated that Denver took him, because of where he was selected). I’d love to see us trade back and snag Willis, and would even be okay if we gambled on him at 2.

I’d also love if we landed one of the best DEs, as well as one of the top DTs. I want that HUGE guy from GA, with our late first, if he’s available.

Hutch and Monster man would make me SO excited. Get a top WR with 34, and watch the difference in this team…We’re gonna have a nice roster after this draft, men. After this draft, we will have…
-an average or above roster
-Youngest in the NFL
-Extremely well coached
-Hungry AF

This team will play above themselves and win 10 games.

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Doing a little research on him and found out he is from Detroit. Didn’t know that.

Let someone else draft him and develop him. Then if we want him, we can trade for him or sign him in free agency. There’s no reason to be that first team when its so much easier to be the second team.

One of the reasons I like Sauce as an options is because I think the CB class falls off a cliff after the top 5, whereas the edge class is incredibly deep. It’s true that CB isn’t our greatest need right now, but to me CB is always a need, you can’t have enough of them because the turnover year-over-year is prolific.

I also have Ebiketie ranked in the same tier as Johnson and Walker and 14th overall, so it’s possible my love of the idea of drafting him at 32 or 34 is affecting my decison-making lol.