Backup OT - Don’t forget

Sewell is our backup LT
Big V is our backup RT

Don’t panic. Even if it means we shift guys around on the OL if injury occurs, we are better off than it seems there.

Sorsdal was handpicked hes OL7

OL8 likely a versatile veteran piece with experience likely Ifedi or maybe Hart.

The rest will likely be PS especially young bucks to develop like Cecil & Eze


Sorsdal played OT at William and Mary.
I’ve heard people say he can’t play Tackle in the NFL. It makes no logical sense. At least he’s not having to switch positions to do it.
He was a beast at W&M.


That’s a really good point, you are right. I hadn’t thought of that, and barring complete disaster they can make it work if they need to. Thanks for posting this!


Actually, I did totally forget that Big V could play tackle. So if we lose Decker, Sewell goes to LT, Big V RT and GG right guard. That is still a very good OL.


Career highlights and awards
First-team FCS All-American (2022)
First-team All-CAA (2022)


None of that means he can make it as a tackle in the pros. Every lineman drafted has resumes littered with accolades. Personally I don’t have much hope he holds up out there, though I’d be thrilled if he could.

I think he has a chance to be a really good guard though.

Yeah, it’s probably the way we’ll work it if something happens to either Decker or Sewell. But remember we’ve seen Big V at RT his first year here, and it was a borderline train wreck. I wouldn’t be overly happy about it, and might have more faith in Ifedi honestly.


In Brad we trust…

Agreed. And Brad drafted him as a guard.

And don’t forget that Sorsdal has not taken one rep at OT since he joined the Lions. That would have to be one hell of an emergency to put him in an NFL game.


Read Wiki, again.
He doesn’t have to learn a new position to play Tackle. I’m missing your logic.
He actually does have hype vid. Have you watched it?

I haven’t heard people say he “can’t”. More like that would be a tough assignment right out of the gate. I do think they view him as a Guard but also do believe he has that in a pinch flexibility within him.

He’ll be better than Nelson.


Brad drafted him to play guard, which is why he hasn’t taken a single snap at tackle in camp (as @Sofatso pointed out). Many, many NFL guards were tackles in college, even at big schools. Playing tackle in the NFL is much different than in college, especially at a low level like William & Mary.

Now I’m not saying he can’t play tackle in an emergency, he should be familiar with it at least. But I really wouldn’t want to try it out either.

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Sorsdal basically replaces Big V next year

Just like Green replaces Marvin

And Hooker replaces Teddy Gloves

Been saying that since draft day, it was genius how we set up them mid/Late guys to be ready for their roles by 2024 and can learn first hand from the vet in front of them


Green might be a tough one to sneak through to the PS. Out of the guys that I think get cut he and Benito are the two I think are most likely to get rostered by someone else. Maybe Iffy as well.

Julian would be a certainty to be rostered if cut.

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Ifedi looked to be in good shape….

I think he is the top swing OT at this time.


I haven’t been around to know how much talk the backup OT situation has gotten, but we’re in as good of shape as anyone.


Yep…Ifedi and Sorsdal are versatile enough to fill in anywhere if we had multiple injuries during a game & had to put Big V RT and Glasgow Center.

Anytime partner

True, but he was spectacular the year before at RT for Philly that’s why we signed him. So it’s not a bad option to have as your backup


I agree, P2. Vaitai, Ifedi, Nelson, Eze (probably in that order) are all ready to take snaps if the need arises.

Probably taking Ifedra