Backup QB

Listening to DC after the game, he sounds like he sees what we see at the backup qb. this could lead to a move once cuts start.


Should cut them both because neither should be in the NFL.


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that is exactly how I heard him. i would bet on the Lions getting someone else as the backup. If they can’t find a better one i would be surprised. Also don’t see the Lions signing Boyle to PS. Blough Maybe until they get his replacement.


It is unwatchable when either back up takes the field. Finding a replacement is setting the bar Marty Morningweg low.

I felt confident about the team overall but bet the under today based COMPLETELY on our backup QB situation.

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I can’t imagine he’d get continued buy in from the players I’d he had to run either of those guys out week after week.

Honestly, there is no reason not to just have one of those guys on the PS.
No one in the NFL are going to put them on their 53 man, not this early in the season. If there are some injuries, yeah.

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If it took 2 off seasons to figure out that these guys aren’t NFL talents then we have much bigger problems.

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I am king of the “keep 3 QBs on the 53 roster” brigade. But our backup QB situation is so bad I have to agree with cutting one and letting the chips fall where they may. We will most likely be able to retain the guy, but if we don’t…who cares?

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It’s Blough. He looked good down the stretch of this game and was victimized by several drops in the game.

For me what it comes down to is that Blough can run. At least it adds a wrinkle to the offense. Both are crap prospects.

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Boyle is faster than Blough. Does that fuck with your mind a little bit?

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The cliche’ “if any team’s starting QB goes down, the team is F’d”, is mostly true (sans the Nick Foles in Philly outlier), BUT, a good GM that thinks his team is close to doing things like competing for a div, playoff wins, dare I say SB apperance, will at the very least find a backup QB who can at least allow the team to tread water for a few games and give the team a chance at some wins if the starter doea goes down for a bit. Brad not having that functional backup QB either says he kmows the team isn’t ready to win/compete with the big boys yet, or says that he’s, in all actuality, a bad GM. I’m going to give him the benefit of the doubt and say it’s the former: if Goff goes down, Brad is in full tank mode because he knows 2022 isnt the year anyway.


I think of Detective Douch on Lucifer when he speaks…

Honestly I would like a prospect QB that doesn’t increase the chances of other players getting injured. Setting up the receivers to get blasted, etc.

Hopefully someone cuts a decent prospect. Literally anyone will be better.

At this point just keep Fox and Kennedy if you have no plans of bringing someone in. Today was terrible with those two.

Does anyone know who are cut candidates? We already know about Jimmy G and Mason Rudolph (possibly). Any others?

Any interest in Jack Coan from the colts? He is their QB 4. Ehlinger I would love to get but they likely keep 3.