Bad vibes about this season

I’m usually a little optimistic about the up coming season but not this year. We look worse than last preseason. I’m thinking the Cardinals are going to pound us opening day like the Jets did last season. Hopefully I’m wrong someone throw a pound of sugar in my koolaid it’s really bitter right now!


The Jets pounded us because of 5 INTs, breakdowns on special teams and giving up huge runs. That all came to a head in the 3rd quarter when they lit up the scoreboard. I do not think that formula will work again, nor do I think the Cardinals are even capable of it.


Our Defense has time in the system.
Upgraded personnel at every position group except for OL
Peterson is suspended.
Rookie QB - tough outing for him against our D. If he has success, it will likely be with his feet, and largely because Davis isn’t out there to take his head off.

Our O may struggle a bit, as we are learning a new system (new OC).
But…Our D will crush them, and is likely to score themselves.


If Sam Darnold and the 2018 Jets offense are capable, Kyler Murray and the Cardinals offense certainly are.
With that said, year 2 under patricia and a ton of solid defensive aquisitions should make us worlds better. Snacks made our defense look 5x better midway through the season, and adding Daniels certainly helps. I don’t care who plays LB while Davis is out… a good DT masks so many flaws a defense has. We’re lucky.

Also, a healthy trio of WRs and brand new safety options at TE “should” allow Stafford to produce at his best.

But… anything can happen. We’ll see


“If Sam Darnold and the 2018 Jets offense are capable, Kyler Murray and the Cardinals offense certainly are.”

Truthfully, any NFL team can beat any NFL team. The “any given Sunday” thing is real.

That said, this statement would presuppose that we are the same team we were last year. We are not. Agree with what you say on all that other stuff. Our D is light years better than the team we fielded week 1, last year.

The things I still see are penalty killing drives and penalty extending drives. Offensive and defensive breakdowns. I would have hoped that would have been cleaned up by now

I don’t base a whole lot on preseason play as doom to our regular season.

Preseason is just for back up players trying to make the actual 53-man Roster for REAL season play and games where it counts. Preseason is not a bunch of our starters playing…because then we have need to fret. It’s just a bunch of 3rd , 4th, 5th -round kids trying to exhibit that they earned the right to play the 2019 season with our starters.

I understand what you’re saying but doesn’t that go for every team? We just don’t seem to execute very well on any level 2nd 3rd 4th string.

Many teams have had the same system in place, so the vets can help coach the new guys and rooks on the playbook, culture, etc.

Our vets are learning right alongside the rookies. Give it time.

Alright thanks for the sugar my kool aid is tasting better already

one thing that sucks for us is we are always mixing and changing schemes all the dang time nothing is stable, you get all of your players set ready and learning one system…then they want to change it repeatedly…I’m sure it’s confusing and frustrating for our players, it’s like “Good we got it…lets play!!!” Then BAM it’s changed and they are like “what?!”

Darnold and their offense isn’t what beat us

Last year’s defense totally sucked over the 1st half or so, until Snacks got here and solidified the run defense. At which time or thereabouts the offense tanked with so many players on our offense injured or gone. Suffice it to say the guys who were on the field for us on offense last year weren’t very good.

This year, I just can’t see the defense being that bad to start out, even with Jarrad not playing for awhile. That presumes the DL is going play as expected, stuffing the run and pressuring the QB sure helps your chances of winning. BUT - your offense has to score and stay on the field long enough to give the defense a blow, and right now this offense is basically an unknown quantity. I THINK they’ll be alright, but who the hell knows? Our QB isn’t really a game manager type, is he? If you’re not going to be a wide-open offense then one mistake pretty much kills a drive and you’re playing field position and relying on your defense. Which probably will works against some teams but not others. I kinda doubt our OL is that good at running the ball yet, and the one other thing that bothers me a little bit is our CB2 and our slot CB. We’ll soon see if our pass rush is good enough to take the pressure off them.

I can’t talk ya down on this one. The Lions like to get embarrassed by rookie or no-name QB’s.
I could easily seeing Kyler making us look stupid.
I think everyone can see this coming.
I hope it doesn’t happen as well but…

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Darnold threw 3 TD’s…one being to the Lions but he managed that game better than Stafford.

Stafford threw 4 interceptions, one of them though was jarred loose by Golladay and recovered.

Sometimes QB’s just don’t have to lose the game …and that’s what Darnold did, he didn’t lose the game for them.

hard to say Snags, I mean Matt Patricia has a full season of experience behind him now…and even though we started off ice cold on defense in 2018…it became a top ten D.

fast forward, post offseason and we feel we are looking pretty damn good and improved more here in 2019, we “shouldn’t” start off like we have no damn idea AGAIN this season- defensively speaking. I think the elephant in the room is what strength will our offense be THIS season to help the defense?

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Yeah, I definitely have more confidence in our defense than our offense…but NE teams always start slow, not sure if Patricia brought that with him from NE or not.

I agree but other teams change offensive and defensive coordinators all the time and rebound quick. We seem to be developing every year!

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One of them was a pick 6. Which was then followed by 3 and out whose punt was returned for a TD by an ex-Lion.

It was brutal.