"Ballin with Bell"--example of the failure of Patricia's D

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Shocking that this guy would lack an attention to detail



That seems easy breakdown
But doesn’t explain
Who was at fault
Or even which player might’ve been missing ?

Super interesting though to hear the more technical aspects of the play.

Plus added Barry story

I thought Barry made that OL look waaaaayyy better than they actually were. How many plays did you see a defender arrive at the ball almost the same time Barry did? I often thought it was a miracle that he didn’t fumble on those plays. Defender arrives before the handoff is complete. I love Lomas, but I thought he was overrated. I was pissed AF the year he held out for a big contract, came back late, and got murdered by the Vikings DL. Felt like he was unfit after the holdout, though my limited lens.

I remember years ago when Adrian Peterson opened the season with a 78 yard TD run against us. It was literally due to one bad run fit. If I recall it was Slay. It was an interesting start to the season because we shut him down the rest of the game and that defense ended up being one of the best run defenses in the last 25 years of NFL football. It was so good that we actually shorted the box and still crushed the run. When other teams would have 7 we had 6. When other teams would have 6 we had 5. We had virtually no need to ever bring an 8th man into the box other than for a different look. Incredible.

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I was more fan less critical back then. The offense was pretty successful

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That was one of Fairley’s healthy seasons, wasn’t it? He and Suh dominated the LOS whenever Fairley was out there. Suh also had some time under his belt and had learned how not to get trapped going into the backfield. That was such a good defense. It’s hard to accept how badly it fell off a cliff.

Barry had multiple pro bowlers on every OL he played behind. If you recall the few times Barry went down our back-ups still had 100yards rushing.

Guys like Derick Moore, Ron Rivers, and Eric Lynch (who did nothing in their careers) were able to step in and put up 100 yard games when Barry went down behind that OL.

However when Barry was in teams would stack 7-8 defenders in the box and dare the Lions to beat them in the air. Teams didn’t do that when Barry went down. They went to a softer 5 man box.

When Barry was in the Lions were asking 5 OL to block 7 or more defenders. That’s why Barry always had so many negative yards.

The Lions with Stafford saw some of the lightest boxes in the NFL. Teams often ran two deep safeties and dropped 6-7 into coverage against us. Yet we rarely managed to run for 100 yards.


What year was that?..2014?

I remember Eric Lynch and Derrick Moore each having one 100+ yd rushing games…I don’t remember Ron Rivers ever rushing for more than 100 yds in any game.

Just two actually…Lomas Brown and Kevin Glover

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Rivers career high while Barry played was 51 yards.

After Barry retired, in the 1999 opener against Seattle, Rivers had a career high 96 yards. Compton was the C and Ray Roberts the LT.

Right…so Rivers never had 100+ yds and Compton and Roberts were never pro-bowlers while playing with Barry right?

The safety literally jumping out of the way of Cook was absolutely criminal. 10 guys in the field doesn’t help, but how many times did we see safties take terrible angles last year…over and over again.

How did we address safety this year? Oh, we really didn’t barely at all even after losing a starter?


We got rid of the scheme and coaches.
Bell even said the safety made a business decision. I can’t even blame him.

Hopefully with better running of business ( the team ) the players won’t mind making other business decision to go take on the guard and make tackle.

Patricia teaches his defenders to apply the convexity of the earth into their pursuit angle. #geniuseskeepapencilontheirear

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Yup - and Glover only made it twice, if memory serves me correctly. 100% truth…I felt Glover was underrated, and that Brown was overrated.

We had nice skill positions on that roster with the WRs, and Barry. Very solid D as well. I feel like if they would have spent Andre Ware’s money on OL, we could have had a “Dallas”-type scenario, and Barry would have went off for 200 yards/game.
Probably should have kept Kramer and let Peete go too. Peete suuuuucked.

They did actually try to build a strong OL with the additions of guys like David Lutz, Dave Richards, Bill Fralic and Zefross Moss. I do agree that Lomas might have been a bit overrated

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Now that you mention it I realize I made a mistake. The AP 78 hard run with the bad run fit from Slay started the 2013 season. I was talking about the 2014 season.

Just plain bad luck too. Eric andolsek was becoming a top end guard before he was killed. That’s been a main problem of the organization though. They’ve never put great effort into building a top offensive line until recently.

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