Bama conundrum: board falls….who you got

For argument sake, we project the following players to come off the board prior to the Lions pick at 6.

  1. CJ Stroud
  2. Anthony Richardson
  3. Jalen Carter
  4. Will Levis
  5. Tyree Wilson
  6. ???

Will Anderson is there but seems redundant with James Houston fully weaponized off the right edge and Hutch manning the other side.

Bryce Young is there for the taking. But Goff had a great year in 2022.

Tough call. Take one of the top three
ranked players in this draft at premium positions where we’re set already or fill a need position with a lower rated player in Gonzalez. No trade downs. Who you got?

Will Anderson you listed two we need more than two an as well how Houston played last season he still has question marks. I would like nothing better for him to continue his fine play but the sample size is small for a rd6 6 pick.

I want nothing more than him to continue but Anderson has better shot at being that player than even Houston an who says Three is a bad thing?

Take Bryce.

But this isn’t going to happen realistically. Bryce is going top 2.


I’m just trying to wrap my head around the fact that Idiocracy and Draft Day are sharing a sequel. Is this real life?

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