Banging the table for Kyle Pitts

Draft day is getting closer. Here I am again. I am banging the table for Kyle Pitts. Dude is gonna be an absolute stud. Love this guy.

My previous banging the table: Banging the table for Clyde Edwards Helaire


Kyle Pitts can strangle you with a cordless phone. Kyle Pitts can slam a revolving door.


He is gonna be a star. Gotta be more open minded.

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He won’t be available

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I believe it makes sense to try and project any prospect to a high ceiling - low floor nfl comps for each prospect, then figure out if you’d trade that pick for the nfl comp…

  1. Lawrence- Luck- Wentz- big arm, fast but not quick, long motion- proto type size

  2. Wilson- Rodgers- Mayfield- kind of dickish, creative throws. Off platform accuracy, some running ability

  3. Mac Jones- Goff- Bridgewater- solid distributor. Good accuracy. Can produce but needs talent around him. Good attitude

  4. Pitts- J Graham- Ebron- Pitts ran a hair faster than Graham, albeit it at his home track. Everyone would seem to be about .1 fast this year and a bigger graham ran 4.56 laser

  5. Sewell- T Lewan- R Staley mauler

  6. J Chase- D Hop- OBJ he ran and jumped out of the gym like obj, but on film looks like Hopkins.

  7. D Smith- AB- Hollywood- not many guys this size. His game looks a lot like vintage AB, though a lot skinnier

  8. M Parsons- Bobby Wagner- D Davis- a 245 pound guys with 4.46 and 4.49 forties, again laser timed, and Parson 4.39 hand timed. Guys with 110-130 tackles and 3-5 sacks. Seems like his profile.

  9. R Slater- Q Nelson- T Whirfs- he’s a monster who is also athletic and versatile in position.

  10. Fields- Cam Newton- Kyler Murray- he’s a size and speed guy with similar college production, and similar athletic numbers to Cam and Kyler.

  11. Lance- ??

  12. J Waddle- T Hill- H Ruggs- pure speedster with some RAC- strand many thought he could have been Brianna had he stayed healthy. On a 13 game season he projected 1250 yards and 8-9 tds. A fraction of what D a Smith did.

There is no TE in his prime is trade #7 overall for. I already know I can get an 8-10.year starter at OT and those guys make 15M per not 10.


That’s exactly how I feel.
Pitts is probably the only guy I don’t want us to take.

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Well, him and Fields.


You are bizarro me. My two favourite players in the draft lol. I don’t think either will be there. This board will explode if they take Pitts, and I will laugh and laugh.

add Smith I don’t want him or Pitts i like Pitts but would pass if there I would like trade down if not take best OT left at 7

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Yeah I have a feeling he might go to ATL.

I think Pitts is a heck of a player but I’d take Chase, Smith or Waddle first for the Lions.

I have no desire to take another TE high in the draft.

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I’m just trying to figure out where on the table you’re sticking it.
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lol… every top 10 prospect needs a critic and Wes loathes Kyle Pitts!

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Kyle Pitts once played Russian roulette with a fully loaded revolver, and won.


Whose going to bail me out of jail if we draft Kyle Pitts?

BTW I do like Kyle Pitts’ game, just sayin…


Because the revolver decided it was better to shoot itself, then to take on Kyle Pitts…


Kyle Pitts has only been wrong once. It was the time he thought he had made a mistake.


That would give us the distinction of taking something like 3 of the 6 TEs drafted in the top ten in draft history. It also wrecks the salary value chart for the position. TEs don’t demand a salary premium like other positions, but having two top ten TE picks on our roster who will both come into their second contracts at around the same time is going to be a cap quandary in a few years