Barry Sanders Top 50 Most Ridiculous Plays of All-Time | NFL Highlights

The guy was truly amazing


Lowlights for Minny and TB. He terrorized those teams.

Also, if you pay attention in the video, Herman Moore and Perriman were what you want from your WRs. Those guys had a lot of nice key blocks


No matter who the RB is…downfield blocking by WRs is often the difference between a 8 yard gain and a 20+ yard gain. Those guys did a great job when Barry was here


Ball-bearings for ankles. That cut against TB in the backfield. Unreal. Nobody like him.

One thing I never noticed when I was a kid: his top-end speed wasn’t exceptional. Surprising.

Ah, the days where we had a RB/blocking tandem that could run outside sweeps.

That made me feel nice on a crappy day.

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Much better than the OL did :wink:

Glover was good, Lomas was overrated. Even as much credit as he gets, I still believe he is underrated. Love that dude.

#45 is the greatest 4 yard run in history

#14 is the greatest 15 yard TDs in history

#8 John Lynch still sees that in his sleep I bet

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How can you not miss that?
You know teams put everybody in the box to stop him, so when he got through the first 10 yards he had a lot of room to run.
He always face stacked boxes.

I’ve always felt the best way to stop Barry was to just go in a straight line at him. He did so much stopping and starting, that stopping and breaking down was the worst thing to do. Go at him like a dart and give yourself a shot.

He was shut down in some games and I remember that being the method. Not that it worked all that often. He will always be the GOAT.


Throw in a 5 min highlight of the 2nd greatest RB I ever witnessed.
Marshall Faulk. The guy was an incredible talent on the football field.

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His top end speed was excellent.

Every running back, no matter how fast, slows down a little after 25-30 carries. Barry had to expend tons of energy every carry … so after crashing into a d-line 30 times, his legs were a little heavier for sure.

He broke a lot of long runs in the 4th quarter, and those were typically the ones where a 180lb d-back could get an angle on him.

They didn’t even show one of my all time favorite no-yards gained runs where Darreyll Tally from the Bills throws Barry backwards and he puts his hand down and takes back off.

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Barry had jaw-dropping moves every game. Insanity. I feel like his OL was ridiculously overrated, Lomas included.


I don’t remember who said it, but the it went something like this. “If you miss tackling him, wait, he’ll be back.”


Yup. Phenomenal moves, obviously, and mad acceleration. But quite a few RBs, WRs, and defensive backs w/better top-end speed.

Barry was so much fun to watch. He could drive ya nuts by losing 5 yards trying to break the big run, than next play he would do the same thing and get 20 yards. He was so elusive and just a reason to watch the Lions. Probably his best quality was the classy man he was. Such a great role model for others on how to play the game.

  1. I wonder how many yards he would have had if the horse collar tackle was not allowed back then?

  2. Tampa Bay really sucked.

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Can’t find the clip, but the greatest non-impactful play was some D lineman drilling him straight up the middle and knocking him backwards but he didn’t wrap him. Barry just fell straight back on his helmet, wasn’t down and the kipped/rotated off his helmet, back up and made it a few yards after that. One of the most athletic plays I’ve ever seen…


who was the defensive player from the vikings that stated he hated playing the lions with barry because he would always be in the barry TD highlights missing him