Be Patient an Not Repeat The Past

I read all the panic bitching an complaining

I think how excited I was the FA period when we signed DE Trey Flowers an we added a lot more.
Trey Flowers signed a five year, $90 million contract with the Lions. Flowers’ contract has $56 million in guarantees including $50 million
Then next season we added to many we signed in 2019
We added that those signing to what we had done in 2018

I will not list them but a lot of busy FA periods with a lot of cash paid out. An where did we finish???

I was excited was nice to see us adding an adding but problem was not winning.
Now look ahead to 2021 what did we have to do? Well we got rid of over 45 million of contracts for players signed mostly in FA periods.
You can search back an you will see what they spent an how everyone felt wow we nailed some good FA.

I am being Honest I felt same way an then last season new people cleaned house.
The last from past will be Flower. Nothing against him just didn’t work out.
Now we have lousy 2021 but we cleaned house. We have some extra cash an extra rd one pics.

So what do i see all day complaints we should spend spend spend.
I guess those fans like having to restart an waste cap every 3 or 4 years .
Like we have for way way to long.
I want to just build an spend wisely an not push money down the road.
Some of these contracts look good now but its like your credit card you keep ringing it up an the day comes they say pay.

Green Bay gave out a 50 mil contract today for a 29 year old LB who i wish we could have signed for like 3 years again not player but what they paid.

They will have to rework enough contracts an release players just to be at the Cap Wednesday. Then they still will need Cap for like what DeadStroke showed PS an Draft an just injuries .

You want that I Don’t will it take another year likely.
I will wait an spend wise I hope an draft wise an not have to cut 45 mil again in dead cap.

This is day one an players will be released an we have the ability to get them in few days for like half or less than what many got today.
Example I wanted the WR Kirk but not at what he got an good for him. You can take third of what he got an likely match half of his out put .

Lets just be patient an let them turn are team around it will not happen in one season.