Bears could trade Justin Fields to Baltimore

Jimmy G to Miami

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Fair point. I might have to turn their light on and feed them most of the time, but as far as I know none of them have brain damage.

Thank goodness…Fish Lives Matter, I didn’t want to have to call PETA on you.


Yes, absolutely. Buyer beware is in the air with any transaction after all those cautionary tales and then Brock Purdy walking and like he owns the place.

I think Brock Purdy type entrances to the NFL will be more common with the emphasis passing in high school and college programs. Just like wide receivers growing on trees, QBs may be following in line.

Fire his mom?

That’s cold.

Really only have to look at Carlos Correa to see why having an agent is critical.

Took three teams and three descending contract offers to get a taker. Can’t imagine a players’ ego taking that kind of beating without representation and a voice of reason.

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Dan Campbell could help Lamar with that. Dan Campbell can fire you and make you love him at the same time.


I heard Correa fell down the stairs chasing after his dog, he’s out for the 2023 season!

That’s a huge, “if”. NFL GM’S and HC’s are better at evaluating talent than the average fan… including me.
That said, this fan only sees one (late) 1st round QB prospect (Young).
The rest are day two and beyond.

That’s cuz his dog has an agent.

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Ah, OK. Reading comprehension for the loss :expressionless:

For some reason I assumed this was a Lamar trade as well.

I feel like the Brock Purdy situation is proving how important an overall team is. If you have a complete roster, an excellent coaching staff and management, the QB position just isn’t that important. They are proving that you don’t need to pay a QB top 10 money to compete for a Super Bowl. Only a handful of QBs at any given time in the NFL are worth elite money. And you can count them on one hand.

To be fair, you have to have a 49ers type roster, which is without question top 5 in the league (arguably the best). In order for this team building strategy to work. I think this is what we’re headed towards in Detroit. Hence why paying Goff is a mistake beyond his current deal. It’s not necessary in order to be SB contenders in 2025 and beyond.

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Maybe the Ravens should trade for Fields and re-sign Jackson. That’s the only way they have a chance of one of their running QBs being available for the playoffs. :exploding_head:

Yes, Detroit currently is following the Niner model, though they of course reached for Lance.

The issue of paying Goff should be seriously approached only after the 2024 draft and not before. We might find a Purdy in 2023, or maybe the QB rich 2024 draft drops us a gem. Who knows?

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The idea is that the ravens would franchise him

I’m actually here because of the Watson trade. I was a Browns fan since the 80s but I couldn’t do it anymore.

That being said you need to strike gold in the draft or low cost free agents somewhere. So either you have a great team and then insert a QB on a rookie contract (like KC with Mahomes) or you do like Pittsburgh and you get guys like Antonio Brown in later rounds to plug in around your highly paid franchise QB.

The problem with deals like Watson is you give out the big contract and you don’t have draft picks to build around him.


Yeah it requires really good evaluation and drafting by the GM for sure.

But most teams with good QBs have to face this at some point. The Chiefs lost Tyreek and will probably lose Kelce sooner rather than later, they’ll have to rebuild around Mahomes on the fly. It’s already started. Juju and MVS don’t inspire a lot of confidence, but Toney looks like a pretty good signing. Maybe Skyy Moore comes good next year, and Pacheco looks like a real find. It’ll be interesting to watch play out.

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Exactly right!

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This would be really bad news for the Lions…

Right, the Bears are gonna leak to Warren Sapp of all people what they’re doing. Or is it more likely that they purposely told him something along those lines to beef up the trade offers for Bryce? Or better yet, is it more likely that Sapp doesn’t have any idea what he’s talking about?