Bears getting Foles in trade

That’s really good for the bears.

Good move for bears. Was hoping they would have to give up a ton more.

Only good news is they have some big contracts to deal with.

This puts JAX back in the Double Trade Down Mix

3 to 5 plus 26

5 for 9 and 20

Gonna get a player that can be a difference maker day 1 at 9, then have 20,26 and 35 to plug holes.

Could be a beut!


After giving up yet another pick, the Bears have just a 2nd and 5th, and a few 6ths and 7ths.

I know! Crazy?!

Foles has a knack. This could be trouble for the Pack and Queens.
Of course, he’s gonna kill us twice.

Let’s not forget Undlin was the secondary coach when Foles won a SB with the Eagles. Can’t hurt our chances vs. them.

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If Quinn pulls this off I’d be stunned.

Hahaha, duh Bears!

One of the guys that works for me is a Bears fan and he was saying this was his worst fear. He was hoping they’d get Cam. Foles has not been good anywhere than Philly.

Foles hasn’t been good anywhere but Philly because every other team had a different system.

The system he was successful in Philly is the system he’s playing in Chicago

We’ll see…but I think he’ll flame-out.
The Bears are almost as big of a mess as we are.

The Bears just went 8-8 with a dumpster fire at quarterback.

If it wasn’t for the Lions Chase Daniels would have taken his job.

I think they are a playoff team