Bears gifted a game

The one second situation is debatable. The roughing call against Chubb is not. Just more of the same from the zebras. Making themselves the deciding factor

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Crazy game. Hats off to the kicker for making it!

just replied in another thread the same thing.

just because the guy hits the ground with 1 second left doesn’t mean you put 1 second on the clock. There are mechanics involved with the ref.

But even if you give them that one, the roughing the passer call was total bunk.

The timeout called at the end was a couple seconds after he hit the ground. The refs blew this one to include the non-roughing the passer penalty. The booth should be able to review these kind of plays to get it right.

The roughing call was stupid. Did they do a booth review on the timeout?

The “rule making” is making the “rules” less about “the rule” and interjects more “opinion” and “interpretation” into the enforcement of said rules.

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The roughing call was terrible. I saw a very questionable one in the Chiefs-Raiders game as well. They might as well put all QBs in red jerseys.

No way they got that timeout. I’d love to hear when the whistle blew, because even if a player is calling for a timeout, it can’t be given until the whistle blows.

Can’t believe something like that isn’t reviewed. The Bronco’s got hosed.

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I think the TO was iffy at best. The roughing call was a pretty egregious screw up though. Especially in that situation.

All calls in the last two minutes should be reviewable by the folks in NY. Given the current rules it seems the zebras are simply overmatched.

I recorded it on Youtube TV and like on Youtube, you can slow the replay down very slow with the sound slowed down too. The announcer said, “…and down HE goes…” and in super slow motion the clock ticked to zero on the word “HE” and the whistles blew at the start of the “and down he goes” part.

I still agree the refs gave that game to the Bears, but the whistles did blow before it went zero but JUST barely.

I just re-watched the ending and saw the same thing. The only thing they don’t show is the HC might have called a timeout. There’s no camera on the coach.

Lions get screwed by the refs even when they’re not playing! :wink:

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