Bears may go after Derek Carr

Raiders then pitch us 12 and 19 for 5…
My DoubleTradeDown could be getting a boost!

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I’ll give them this much. They sure pull in a lot of shitty QBs, but they do continue to at least attempt to improve the position. Whereas we’ve been in QB purgatory forever.

Carr to the Bears would be a good move for the Bears.

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I am expecting Car to end up in NE.

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Bears might just need the space but they just cleared up 13.5 million with releases of gabrile and prince

I’d hate to see the Bears get him…unless weasel’s double-Yahtzee scenario ends up happening. :wink:

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Carr is not good. He is a mental midget. Watching this loser throw it away on
4th down on multiple occasions tells you all you need to know. I would LOVE for the Bears to get Carr.

Don’t see it happening. Bill is more likely to acquire Dalton.

I don’t know if he’s a mental midget but Carr does sure seem to be Captain Checkdown.

I hope so!

I have to say, I just absolutely love the decisions the Bears organization has been making with their QB situations going all the way back to Joy Cutler. So good as a Lions fan to enjoy watching them make as many mistakes as the Lions.

The Bears should’ve kept Mike Glennon, he’s better than Stafford, or so I’ve been told.


Yep, he’d be a star under Bellichick!

As good as Gruden is, he’s not Bill.

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I don’t see why anyone would be worried the Bears with Carr.

He’s pretty avg

What assets do they have after Mack trade??? 2025 first rounder?

Average is a massive upgrade over what they have now, though. :wink:


The “average” NFL QB completes 70% for 4,000 yards with 21 TD’s to 8 interceptions?!?!

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Both those guys shredded the Lions.

It’s weird how people are so quick to point out how Stafford outplayed Mahomes but when you point out how Trubisky and Carr shredded the Lions crickets


Two things about that:

1:) not surprising that it’s not talked about as it felt like every QB shredded the Lions last year.

2:) i was at the game in Oakland. Stafford was clearly the superior quarterback. Oakland fans even mentioned so much to me. “How come you guys can’t win more with that guy?” Kind of thing

Well that settles it.

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