Bears on top of Queens 13 -0 in the 3rd Quarter

may walk away with this one. a lot of time left though.

Is it possible that the Bears are better with Chase Daniel in there?

Kirk Cousins is not an NFL starting caliber qb.

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I’m not afraid of either team, I think the vikes finish in last place.

Dalvin Cook is scary

Different game but Goff really seems to have regressed

The 2nd string QB for the Bears looks good, but the Vikes loss is best for us, especially if the starter (QB)for the Bears is out for very long

Yep. Daniels is better than Mitch Please

He has been very Deer-in-the-Headlightsy since late last season.

Lucky they have Gurly for him to hand off and check down to because if he has to play big for thr Rams down the stretch of a game the Rams are up against it

But are Gurley’s knees okay? It really seems like they may not be or perhaps they are just being overly cautious. Five carries today. I understand that the game script was an issue but that’s still an absurd lack of usage.

Good point about Gurly

I think the Rams window may have closed. They still have one of the best five defensive players of all time and their triplets at WR are scary good so that can certainly change if Goff turns it around. But their OL really needs to come along and their running game needs to get to 80% of the last two year’s levels or the Seahawks are taking that division. Wilson is just so much better than Goff.

They’ve got the AFC North and NFC South and have already beat the best two teams out of those 8 so they’re almost certainly going to be at least a WC but they just don’t seem close to the same offensive juggernaut.

No, it’s not possible that the Bears are a better team with Chase Daniel at QB.

Second of all, good to see you cats found a home :slight_smile:

I’m siding with the idea the new QB is going to be better short term as there is little film.

When we get to them, watch out! I think we will crush thier off…