Bears play calling given to Bill Lazor?

Just noting this.

We game planned for one style of play calling and it ended up being handed off without public knowledge to Lazor?

May be why we were off game the first half so bad

My favorite part of Nagy’s press conference after the game, was when a reporter asked about play-calling duties being handed to Bill Lazor, Nagy made sure to say “Yeah, but everything still goes through me!”

What a tool. Can’t even give his OC the kudos. This guy is an abject disaster.

I honestly think Nagy is just that bad of a play-caller. Lazor is a definitive upgrade. So, I don’t know that a different game plan/style is what threw the Lions off.

I would a person who loves breaking down film to compare plays between the two different callers….

Just to see….

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I immediately thought of this guy.


Maybe the Lions can hire him amd he can reverse engineer the Pats dynasty for DC to use?! :crazy_face:


The Bears fan base credited Lazar with improving their offensive play calling the last half of last year, then Nagy took back over.

No matter the caller, the Lions defensive plan should have been to stack the box with pressure and force Fields to win in the air. A running game should not have been allowed.

This was a very rookie game plan by the defensive staff. The only excuse I can see is they have a lot of young players to acclimate quickly and so they were looking to play the best scheme they thought they could execute instead of the best one to stop the Bears.

Even with all these rookies, this defense should be looking more prepared than they do so far.

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Its called spying and inserting bugs. Of course having Tom Brady doesn’t hurt but alot of their early success I guarantee was flat out cheating and bending the rules. Onve they become a dynasty they get further treatment so it snowballed from there. Nothing taken away from Billicheck but he pushes the envelope. He is still one of the best HCs ever dont get me wrong.
Just needs an asterisk like Barry Bonds on some things

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