Beau Benzschawel or Ben Bredesen at OG?

Assuming the Lions move on from GG which I think is likely. I wanted to take a look at what we might do.

Wiggins is a FA but I’m expecting him back as our veteran stop gap.

Beau Benz is an interesting prospect to me. The Lions moved him to center for most of his practice snaps this year. They have been developing him as a backup center. I think they view him as a swing candidate (Wiggins replacement) but I think he will be in the mix to earn the starting OG spot. Here’s a good read on what the Lions are doing with him.

With Wiggins and Beau the Lions can afford to add an OG in round 3. Here’s a few that could be available.

The guy I like is Michigan’s Ben Bredesen. In 451 pass protection snaps this season he did not allow a QB hit or Sack. He’s a better version of GG. He allowed only 2 Sacks his entire UofM career. He played in 49 Games - with 45 Starts. Those are some amazing stats considering some of the competition he faced.

Logan Stenberg is another OG prospect that stands out to me. He’s a run blocking mauler type with the size and mentality the Lions OL is missing.

Trey Smith has had some blood clot issues and this could cause him to fall into round 3. He’s a second round prospect otherwise. He is Equally good at pas protection and run blocking. I like his size as well.

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I actually like Cesar Ruiz from Michigan. He is a big dude, but really athletic. We need some athleticism on that line.

Or Oday Aboushi or Matt Nelson or Caleb Benonoch…

Trey Smith might slide Bc of the blood clot issues. There is risk there but if healthy he’s a total stud


Ruiz only played OG as a frosh, has been a center ever since.

Yeah, I projected him to OG just because we have Ragnow. I don’t think it’ll be a problem. He is 320.

So, the plan is to replace Glasgow with a never has been, an undrafted free agent, and a rookie.
Sounds very Lionesqe.
At least we locked up Dahl.

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Give Beau a shot. He seems legit.

Beau played OG vs Denver and the Pack I believe. I like the pick of Bredesen but I am more concerned about RT.

I think the Lions want to take that free agent money and put it into the defense. OG is a spot that a lot of teams try to go cheap at. I’m guessing that’s what BQ plans to do here. Just trying to look at what he might do.

Isaiah Wilson intrigues me at RT. I’ve seen him projected 3rd round.