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Sheila Ford Hamp’s best move seems to be the hiring of Chris Spielman prior to the selection of a GM or coaching staff. This subject has been somewhat touched upon in the past but is certainly worthy of repeating. The resurgence of the Lions internal structural remake can’t be overstressed without the role played by Spielman in this development. Justin Rogers recent expose is an excellent article on Spielman’s behind the scene guidance in reshaping the franchise culture without “stepping on the toes” of Holmes or taking any credit for the results we, as fans, are now witnessing. KUDOS Chris, keep up the good work!


Let me be the first to eat crow.

Now, I still want to see onfield results. We’re two years in with no playoff appearance (thanks, Baker), so we still need to see what comes of this, but I can say I haven’t been so thrilled to be so god awful wrong about ownership and the team’s brass.

In two years, the Lions went from free-agent purgatory to a free-agent destination; but not for the glitz like LA, but the grit of Detroit. “It’s not for everyone” (it was either Mosley or Sutton, I think, who said that) speaks … volumes. It’s a brand—and not a brand generated in some marketing lab in Manhattan, but born through the demands and expectations of a coach that embodies the character of the city.

God damn, it’s good stuff.


You gotta give everyone their flowers. But I think the biggest and first indication that THIS was different was Spielman being brought on. I think he has had a tremendous influence on the culture. He, according to intel, was pounding the table and convinced MCDC was the right guy for coach. I really believe he set the tone for this organization and how cool is that? One of the greatest players in our history is back and having a irreplaceable hand in this organization realizing new heights. Spielman and Dan Campbell ex lions who are changing everything about the lions. WOW.


Loved the move to bring Spielman on board from day one. Who did he replace? Nobody. That was the best part of it all … finally someone with football acumen who bleeds Lion blue in the front office. It was many years overdue.

And revisiting the ice-cold-take of the year in 2021: Mike Florio at PFT thought it was the dumbest move ever. Kept insisting that Spielman would ignorantly lord over Holmes and Campbell, then sit back and let them take the heat for any mistakes.

What did I learn? Never take Florio seriously when it comes to football itself. He knows the legal aspects of the NFL, and the agents well … but that’s it. The rest is biased opinion based on his love of the Vikings, and a handful of coaches and front office personnel that have cooperated with him.


Couldn’t agree more.

I just felt like an actual football person (as football a football person can possibly be) was helping make football decisions. I was unsure of the role, & I think they make it that way by design.

I’ve always liked having him there…until I learned to love it.
I’ve always liked Sheila…until I learned to love her.
I’ve always LOVE having Dan.
Since his first draft, always loved Holmes too.

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I quit listening to any of them.
I mean, I do listen/watch, but, it’s all with a grain of salt , hoping to stumble on a nugget of pay dirt.

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Spielman is a man’s man. True warrior, total stud. If you’re a fan of his and a fan of the Lions you’ll be inspired by hearing about what this guy does in his workdays. He is tremendously humble. His goal is to be a servant. Imagine that. Someone who isn’t looking to get as much as they can, but rather is looking to give as much as he can. Truly extraordinary character. And no doubt a key element in the Lions’ complete culture shift 180*.

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