Ben Johnson addresses staying with the Lions

I’m not gonna do it just to do it,” Johnson said (via’s Eric Woodyard) of taking a coaching job. “I love what I’m doing right now. Love it. I love where I’m at. My family loves where we’re at. Love the people that we’re doing it with, so I’m not willing to go down the other path yet, unless I feel really good about how it’s gonna unfold.

Johnson said (via The Athletic’s Colton Pouncy) he is eyeing a job that will allow for success en route to a second contract. Some candidates do not have the luxury of being as selective as Johnson has been, but the Matt Patricia Lions hire has been trending upward — just as the Lions have — in recent years. …

… “The longer you’re in the coordinator chair, it does nothing but help you and prepare you more for the next step if it ever comes down the pipe,” Johnson said. “Personally, I don’t feel like I’m hurting my opportunities or my abilities to be a head coach in the future, and I love what I’m doing right now.”

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I have no idea how much money he is making, but I have to imagine its a healthy salary. That certainly helps to keep focused on “making a smart decision” vs years ago when coordinators were not paid as well and being a head coach (even if it failed) could be life changing money. Its heart warming to see how fast Ben’s fortunes have changed. Yes, he was hired by Matt Patricia. That fact needs to be appreciated in context. He was hired by Patricia at a time when coaches who had multiple suitors and legit coaching futures were not coming on board that Patricia train. Patricia had to constantly dig into the college ranks to “promote” guys into the NFL. And for guys already in the NFL, he often times could only get coaches who were out of work or were not having the best luck finding favor in NFL coaching circles. It sounds unbelievable now, but Ben Johnson was in that boat. Not only did he have to come to an undesirable situation (working for Matt Patricia), he had to accept a low level “quality control” position. This was a guy that had coached his own room in Miami (tight ends and then wide receivers). And now he wasn’t even an assistant level position coach, he was lower than that.

Kyle Shanahan was trying to be selective and patient as well. He said his dad told him to never take a job where the QB position is in flux. So he wasn’t even considering the 49ers as a serious option, he was just doing the interview as a courtesy. What’s interesting in how Kyle explains it, is that they were “the perfect situation” for him…minus the issue at QB. It was a franchise he was familiar with because of his dad, and he had a comfort level with ownership and the executive team. And while they didn’t have a QB, they were giving him the keys to the castle and said “go get the guy you want, we will support you with whatever resources you need.” Kyle even chose his own General Manager. Kyle’s story is a successful one, but also a cautionary tale at the same time. The success is obvious…they have been to the NFC Championship Game (4) times in (7) seasons with (2) Super Bowl appearances. BUT…they would have at least 1 Super Bowl victory if they had a QB in place.


Honestly, it’s another aspect of why DC is such an outstanding coach that probably doesn’t get talked about as much as it should. When you seemingly have no ego, you can find and cultivate talent where others wouldn’t. Two of the best assistants in the current NFL, Ben Johnson and Hank Fraley, were originally part of one of the worst coaching rosters in the NFL. Most new coaches would never have seriously considered keeping them on given the locker room they were inheriting. It took actual leadership to recognize what he had with them.


Good point. I remember guys like Decker recommending to Coach Campbell to keep Fraley. Smart move.

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Other than money, I don’t doubt that some coordinators just want to be coordinators. They make enough money, they love their HC/coaches, they love the players, they’re happy. Maybe he also thinks he isn’t ready. But honestly, why mess with a good thing? AG who i love is a guy who wants that HC gig bad…lol. Pretty sure his time will be 2025 which makes me sad. As much as some people love BJ (yes I know what I said), I like AG more.

Quite fun to gameplan each week and diagnose how youre going to beat the opposing team. Then when it works? You just won at a high-stakes Chess game. Yeah…fulfillment. its honestly fun.

As far as in-game, always thought you need a bird in the sky to chirp once in a while. Someone sitting back and watching and when they feel it is time they communicate for playcalls/gameplans. An outside eye can do wonders.

Ben is great at what he is doing right now. Instead of being a HC, maybe just demand to be paid like an HC and remain an OC? Not saying he cant be an HC, but if you’re great at something why not continue it? The pay? Someone will notice your greatness and pay. He knows it and he should.

I mean, gameplan-wise…If we dont win, we lose, right?

Well, who wants to lose?

We dont lose.

And no, that is not Rod Wood as my profile picture. That is Jesse Livermore. Just to clarify…

There were rumors he got a big pay raise.

Well…i have no knowledge of that and money was not was not the intention of the post.

My post was about the fact Ben Johnson should be able to do what he is doing and not care about being a Head Coach, because he is good at what he is doing right now (he is an OC)…

However, to remain in Detroit as a great OC, he will need to be paid as a “top HC” candidate…

As an Organization, would I pay Ben Johsons “HC Money” to be an OC?

I Would.

However, Ben will need to be okay with being an OC and likely never getting a HC gig…

He seems like he wants to be “just an OC”…

Thats ok…he can “just an OC” for us…


I mean, in 10 years, Ben Johnson at his current age will be paid $600 Million (guaranteed) over 5-years, no?

As a side:

“Crowd Psychology” …


Its too easy for me…so…

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