Ben Johnson calendar continues to fill

Has now added Seahawks and Chargers to interview with on Saturday.

Well, he’s gone. Now, it’s just a matter of where he’s going.


I think this is the stupidest thing ever. The Lions are getting ready for a very big game and their coaches are taking interviews with other teams taking very valueable time away from game planning. Shouldnt be able to hire any head coaches till afyer the super bowl.


I have no issue how this falls out.

But I also would suggest that we all just sit back and let it play out.

I know I will sound like a Blue Kool-aide dealer but everyone associated with this team has stated that since day one it had a different feel. I saw an interview with a player that came on during the losing and he stated that if you did not know better you would have thought we were undefeated. So MCDC has done a great job creating a culture where the focus is on improvement and competition and one that players true enjoy being in.

My wife teaches at a private school and they get a ton of teachers from public schools that come in and stay because they love the environment so much. So liking where you work goes a very long way.

I would love to see Ben stay but I do not view this as a big deal. Much of what is being done is the vision of MCDC. So I highly doubt we will see any drop off. Plus with JG around things will be fine.


It’s hard for teams to wait, we see this every year teams waiting on guys that are still in playoffs, some miss out on others waiting, this is one of them things is Dammed if you do and dammed if you don’t. Also there not game planing 24/7 I’m sure there only interviewing when there open time.

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I’m still in the side of him 50/59 staying.

As already stated, being “a part” of something good is a rare thing nowadays… I think BJ get this; not so much AG

No matter what, we move on! And there is part this process I like, called uncomfortabity …. Meaning if we change one or both coordinators, the players and team will be less likely for any deep level of mental complacency

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I believe Ben will be looking for the right owner and a GM that collaborates and will work with him.

He knows what model works to succeed in three years.

I believe he is smart, not just X and O smart, but situational awareness smart. He’s seen and worked under teams that were dysfunctional. IMHO he fully understands that he needs to make sure he finds the right fit so he can succeed for the long term…not just being a guy who gets to wear the Head Coach hat.


Thr playoffs are essentially 6 weeks long.

What exactly does a new coach do for these 6 weeks? Theres no OTAs…theres nothing happening personnel wise beyond retirements(though that week after the SB a lot of contract clauses and options pop off, but some not til March 15th when New League Year begins.

So can we not just have a 6 week moratorium on hiring? I know I know…get a jump on building FO/Coach rapport bs bs bs. Scouting combine is Feb 28. That gives you 3 weeks to hire a coach. GitrDun.


It’s a brief phone call where you determine whether there’s mutual interest. It’s not as though Ben is bringing a binder into these meetings.

I find it interesting that Harbaugh has already interviewed with the Chargers, and yet they are still scheduling more interviews.

Also, Harbaugh interviewed with The Falcons, along with Belichick, yet Belichick is the one who gets scheduled for a 2nd interview.

Agree…. A preliminary to the preliminary

Good for him but I want BEANZ so when can he start self-identifying as a woman? ASAP!

My cheap pov:

  • BB is about loyalty and longevity. Even at 70/71 you can get a five year foundation set with him assuming he stay healthy

  • Jim H left the 49’s and has shown he’s less reliable imho. He will need to show the new team he is good for at least 3-5 years and a clause saying he will not bail off his initial contract but that’s me

1 - Watch a truckload of tape of the team that just hired you. Which players do you want to keep, which players do you want to move on, how well do they fit your scheme, what are your needs for free agency and the draft?

2 - Work with your new OC and DC on developing the playbooks. You want them ready to share with free agent signings in late February.

3 - Watch a truckload of tape on potential free agent signings.

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I think thats a very good take.

He’s just getting practice interviewing. He will be back. :wink:
Professional development for him - it’s part of it. I think he’s back, especially if we dont’ win the SB this year…which we may


There are too many openings, BJ is gone if he finds an opening that appeals to him. Can’t blame him at all. Hoping it’s really MCDC’s offense at the core and we can keep the machine chugging next year regardless of who’s calling the plays.


Pat McAfee just said that he heard Aaron Glenn to the Titans is a done deal.

Interesting as, from what Dan said earlier this week, the interviews for AG and BJ were going to happen on Friday and Saturday. Perhaps that changed.

I know Dan Graziano(sp??) also predicted Glenn to be the Titan’s HC.

I’m pretty sure all these interviews are greenlighted because Dan already knows we’re winning the Super Bowl.
Ben and Aaron will be Super Bowl winning coaches, can’t hold them back.

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