Bengals cut RB Gio Bernard

Another 29/30 year old RB whose declining production didn’t warrant a $4M salary.

I remember Gio was one of the board favorites in the draft to come in and play the Jahvid Best role in our offense. We ended up signing Reggie Bush instead.

And if anyone remembers being on the board as free agency started, we weren’t sure whether to believe we had really signed Reggie or not. Why? Because that was the year with early breaking news that we had signed CB DeAngelo Hall, but it was quickly retracted.

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I posted a thread a while back ago that talked about probowls and rushing leaders. It was amazing how many of them were RB’s on rookie contracts.

I am now of the belief that it is wise to have one veteran RB on his second contract and the rest of the backfield filled with guys on their rookie deals. I’d draft a RB every other year and always be grooming one on my PS. I think it’s become a young mans position. I wouldn’t keep a single RB past 30.

I think a lot of people in the nfl would agree with you on this

There are so many talented players available every year and the position is so devalued that its incredible when a team doesn’t even try.