Bengals vs Ravens playoff game #5

May as well make one because of FOOTBAAWWLLLL!!

Cincy may be getting a bit tight in the butt cheeks…yikes

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Cincy needs to open it up and run away and hide.

They couldn’t come up with a stop on that drive…which was just a bloody minded stubborn effort by BLT, devoid if creativity, speed or anything exciting really.

Worked though.


Slow game so far. Dobbins scored though so I’m feeling good about my parlay which is mostly players stats.

Lost each of my others day on one thing ! Hoping this one’s the charm

I laugh every time I see Joe Burrow out of uniform. He truly looks like a middle school kid to me. Great QB though.


Oof and Cincy’s LT went down on the turn over…nightmare time in crappy spaghetti sauce “chili” town

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Bengals defense…ooof

Ahhhh! My cat Paht is biting my kneecap!


LOL - I know ppl that love that stuff.
hilarious reference though.

Seriously WTF is up with Cincinatti chili? And they talk about it like it’s Chateaubriand with roasted bone marrow and Bordelaise.

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Another Campbell disciple?

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He’s clearly all in…better be careful with my butt cheeks and toes

Damn, how bout Huntley?!

Eli Apple would make anyone look like a competent NFL QB, even Merrimack there

Divisional games are really weird

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Anyone see any other info posted about Lamar being healthy enough to play but not playing? Read a few articles from PFT on it but haven’t seen anything else

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Tyler Huntley is a perfect backup for Lamar. Not many other guys let you run the same offense.

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Not everyone can be Stafford…

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Wow, what a dramtic turn!