Bernhard Raimann - CMU OT

This guy has, perhaps, one of the most interesting stories in the upcoming draft. Here’s some of the highlights.

  • Older than the average draftee due to two years compulsory service in the Austrian military.

  • Originally came to Central as a 6’7" 240lb Wide Receiver.

  • Spent his first two years as a Tight End.

  • Transitioned to starting Left Tackle last year and has drawn rave reviews, including an outstanding performance in yesterday’s Sun Bowl vs. Washington State.

  • Current playing weight of 307 and was timed with a 1.56 second 10 yard split.

  • Excels as a run blocker.

  • Some projections have him as a Guard. Scary to think about with that ten yard split on a pull.

Here’s a scouting report you might find interesting.

I didn’t see him in the game yesterday…

The Chippewas, from the Mid-American Conference, outgained Washington State, 355-241, despite playing without either of its star offensive tackles. Bernhard Raimann, a senior from Delton-Kellogg, and Luke Goedeke opted out after receiving invitations to play in the Senior Bowl.

I saw a little bit of that game and he was impressive. Big mobile guy. Worth following as a prospect.

Opting Out
The Chippewas played without four starters – offensive tackles [Bernhard Raimann]( and Luke Goedeke, linebacker George Douglas and safety Devonni Reedwho opted out of the game.

So, I really like OT Trevor Penning from Northern Iowa who is likely to go in the first. Same height but weighs about 20 pounds more but still looks almost too light to me. I think Raimann goes undrafted.

That’s a bold take… unless you mean undrafted on Thursday night. :grin:
I’d be curious to know when the last OT that got invited to the Senior Bowl went undrafted.

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OK, physical guy who is going to change positions, are they going to play him at OG in the Senior Bowl? Sure, he’ll get drafted, I’m just not as high on him as what some make out.

OK, oops :grimacing: :sweat_smile:. Running around after the kids. Too much sugar them, not enough sleep, me.

Still, I did see some games for Central, and I NEVER would have guessed he was so green to the position. He looked smooth and very athletic.

What I’m thinking/envisioning, is a guy who can be an offensive line swiss army knife with some Hank Fraley coaching. Someone who could contribute as an immediate backup from Guard out to Tight End on either side of the line. A legitimate receiving threat in goal line jumbo packages declaring as an eligible receiver. Possibly a guy who can develop into a starter at some point, but holds immediate mid-round value off the bench.

I just think this is the kind of prospect who can continue to build towards strength. Interested in your thoughts.

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In this draft he’s the Top Raimann


The knock on him is that he needs to add strength… but…
his arms aren’t exactly Raimann noodles either… :laughing:
He can be a little salty at times…


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It’s interesting you bring up Penning, because I was just going through an analysis that directly compares the two at the seven minute mark in this analysis video.

Personally, I think Top 20 is a bit of a stretch and rosy an outlook, but who knows :thinking:

I also hear that Raimann is a real savant… great with numbers.

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That’s what I was thinking.

Trot out a guy like this with Swift, Hock, St. Brown, and your new #1 WR, and then take advantage of mismatches.

The defensive personnel is there to stop the run? A quick audible sends Hock and Swift out into the pattern for some dangerous weapons covered by LBs

Extra DBs? Lololololololol. That’s gonna be a long day at the office with a legit lineman blocking at TE, Hock getting a lead block, and the Sun God lighting up some poor sap downfield.

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He really should play basketball. The Knicks would surely draft him bc they already have MSG.