Best and Worst - wins and losses

Perhaps I live in the past. Not the first time I’ve posted about our Lions team history.
And I do it again. Please tell me/us what have been the biggest wins and losses in the last 10 years. I’ll go first:

Two losses:
1st game of season - we lost to the Ny Jets and their rookie QB Sam Darnold. I was in Manila, woke in the middle of the night to stream this game. And we lost. So pissed we lost to a rookie QB in his first game ever.

Now these two loses hurt more.

Dallas Cowboys and the ref overturning a call.
Aaron Rodgers throwing a hail mary 60 plus yards for a TD!!! Mad even typing this.

Best win!!!
Maybe Patricia’s first year - the upset win against the NE Patriots. Two things led to the win - our rookie RB going for over 100 yards. And I think Patricia game planned for taking Gronkowski out of the game.

I’ll be honest - I was super high on Patrcia after this game. I hate that fat ass - but he beat the Pats and won in Miami and Phoenix. Road wins we don’tt usually have.

Peace out!

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In recent years, the week 1 loss against the Bears in 2020 broke me. Still haven’t recovered my child-like enthusiasm toward the Detroit Lions. They died a little bit to me that day. After an off-season where I thought Quinn and Patricia had taken some strides… nope.

Also, the loss to the Ravens this past year was ridiculous. 1. They shouldn’t have been in position to kick that field goal. 2. 66 yards? Really? 3. It boinked IN instead of out?

The loss a few years ago with the 10-second run-off was ridiculous.

Best wins…
The win where Tate did a mid-air hip-check to the Vikings defender was pretty fun.

There’s been so much losing, I struggle to remember. Like, literally, no wins of consequence since the 1991 season. I’ll put that 1992 Dallas torching in there as tops, 30+ years ago.


Best win was our playoff win against Dallas. Not even close. And yes I am that old. Worst lost was the following week against Washington that kept us from our first super bowl and was an absolute beat down.


If its the past ten years…
Win - the Mat Stafford fake spike win against the Cowboys - 10/27/13. We stole that game - scored 24 points in the 4th quarter to win 31-30.
Loss - gosh too numerous to list - the picked up flag vs. Cowboys was the most consequential. But the one that took my heart and soul was the loss to the Packers when Flowers was called for two phantom hands to the face penalties. I just felt like there wasn’t any point to rooting for a team that was such a target, and the product was bordering on professional wrestling-type fixes.


I will always believe Belichick purposely tanked that game for his friend. Always.

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I mean where do we start… most impactful loss cowboys picked up flag, packers failmary… most gut wrenching losses falcons 10 second runoff or calvin batted fumble in seattle (i was there). The calvin catch in chicago or the baltimore game last year.

Best win, no real impactful ones… so probably most enjoyable for me were in 2011 with the chargers and broncos woodshed games. Cowboys fake spike etc.

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The two that stick most in my head really didn’t have a major impact in the long run.

The loss that sticks out most to me was my first true heartbreak being a Lions fan. I was probably only 14 or so at this time and was really starting to get into football. We were 1-1 at the time and were playing a playing good Bucs team. I couldn’t, for the life of me, figure out how they could not call this a touchdown. Little did I realize that this is just part of a very long list that would continue to grow that can only be described as Lions luck.

The game I most foundly remember is Stafford win over the Browns. That win meant nothing in the course of the season, but it was Stafford’s coming out party so to speak. I gained a lot of respect for that guy after that.

As far as wins and losses that meant something it would be both games agaisnt the Cowboys. The playoff loss and Stafford’s fake QB spike play to win.


Yep. How we spent all week thinking they were on a roll. How ready they were. How they were gonna pay them back for Week One.

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The Flowers ‘hands to the face’ game was bad… it made me want to not watch the NFL anymore for a while. It was that flagrantly bad.

The first game of the 0-16 season… Rookie Matt Ryan lights us up after I foolishly ‘thought’ we looked pretty good in the preseason. And then the loss to Rookie Darnold. Just losing to rookie QBs in their first games feels bad, man.

I enjoyed the heck out of the Stafford comeback heroics games, often coupled with a super long Prater FG. No one game in particular, but they would happen over and over. Very fun.

Also, Stafford against Cleveland (rookie year maybe?). He’s all broken up, comes back in, and rallies us. I thought the future was bright on that day…


Best win: Dallas January’92
Worst loss: Green Bay(Sharpe all alone)

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This is a good topic. It kind of sucks that as Lions fans we kind of have to take “context” out of it, since so few of our games actually have any real meaning to them. I think I will extend my list to the top 5 of each, based completely on how the feelings they gave me at the time:

Losses (as a Lions fan, gotta start here)

  • Packers hail mary game. What sucked the most about this one for me was we were in control of the game with a 3 score lead before it all quickly fell apart.

  • Packers hands to the face game. The same deal here. We were in control before things fell apart.

  • Cowboys PI flag pickup game.

  • Titans beat down on Thanksgiving 2008. They were up 35-3 a few minutes before halftime. It was a helpless feeling the way they shredded us and we didn’t even seem to be trying to compete.

  • Ravens 66 yard field goal game. The guys played their hearts out and had it ripped away from them.


  • Vikings game 2021. First win of the season and I loved seeing the joy the players had for their head coach.

  • Stafford fake spike game vs the Cowboys. Coming back from that deficit and needing the impossible to happen (Cowboys ran the ball with a minute left and got called for holding) before making even more impossible stuff happen was unreal. I think we overcame 5 turnovers by the offense that game.

  • Beating the Packers at Lambeau for the first time in 25 years. Nuff said.

  • Comeback win vs the Saints in 2014 where Glover Quin picked off Drew Brees and then the Fuller kid caught the game winner in the back of the endzone.

  • Beating the Bears on Monday Night Football to go 5-0.

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I honestly didn’t even remember going 5-0 that year. columnist Gregg Doyel says the once-laughable Lions now have the talent to win for the long haul.

"This team is going to the Super Bowl, and it’s not going to stop at one," Doyel writes. "That’s my prediction, and not merely because of what I just saw Monday night."

Boy o boy was someone horribly wrong on that one.

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I really liked the Miami win in 2018. Coming off the bye and then kicking the crap out of them. They’ve fooled me a lot. I thought they were finally onto something.

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My wife surprised me with Lions tickets for the week after they were 5-0. Of course, they lost, the only Lions game I’ve been to in Detroit. That was the Harbaugh slap on the back game to put us at 5-1.


I was at that stupid game. About 10 rows up in THAT stupid end zone. On THAT stupid side of the end zone. Couldn’t have been more than 20 yards from that stupid Packer. I get upset even telling that story so there is your abridged version.

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The loss that sticks with me most outside the Cowboys playoffs debacle, is the Matt Flynn game. We matched up pretty well with the playoff teams in the nfc that year except the Saints. Going into week 17 tied with Green Bay, Rodgers out, all we have to do is win. Win and we get the first division championship, first round bye, and home playoff game in 20 years! Nope, Matt fucking Flynn has the game of his life and we lose. We end up traveling to New Orleans getting the one team we don’t have a shot to beat.

Not to many signature wins. So I’ll go with the playoff win over Dallas and the beat down of the chargers in 2011. That win clinched our first playoff birth in ver a decade.


The Packers were 14-1 in that game….the Lions were 10-5. The Lions were still the 6th seed even if they had won

They would have been the 5 seed with a win.

No…they still would have been the 6-seed

Actually you are right. They would have passed the Falcons…for some reason I thought the Falcons were 11-5. But they finished 10-6 but the won the tie-breaker, so you guys are right winning that game would have put the Lions at the 5 seed!

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