Best Christmas Ever For Lions Fans

So, the franchise record for wins is 12, achieved in 1991. That year, as every single Lions TV broadcast team will tell you, was the last year the Lions won a playoff game.

So, I had a peek at the schedule to see when the soonest the Lions could win their 13th game: December 24 vs. the Vikings. Unfortunately, that will be in their house.

But what a glorius gift that would be. Now, if it takes a bit longer there’s the following week, Dec. 30 at Dallas. In their house.

Or, Jan. 7 at Ford Field vs. the Vikes once again. Hey, that would be a helluva party.

In any case, I do think they can get to 13 this season. Possibly just five weeks from now.


Ha, just saw that. Corrected.

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All I want for xmas is a playoff win.

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