Best Place to Watch NFL games in Vegas?

I am heading out to Vegas during the Lions bye week this October and was looking into some of the best places to watch games.

Anybody have any favorites when they have been to Vegas?

Thanks for any help.

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What kind of experience do you want to have?

A huge, glitzy sportsbook? Maybe even the biggest in the world?

A smaller one with food options everywhere?

Or how about an actual Detroit Lions bar? It’s a dive, but it’s cheap and is a blast.

Try giving me a bit more detail on what you want, and I’ll get you a few answers. :smile:

Oh, and will you have a car? Or do you want this near where you’re staying?

Not sure exactly what I am looking for. Just a place to hang out and be able to watch any game I want.

I think having a place to get a seat that I don’t have to defend all day would be nice. Drinks are a must, food options would be beneficial.

Although a sportsbook sounds like fun because I would like to be able to place bets during the games and of course watch people cheer when they win and get all pissed when they lose would be kind of fun. But looking at a lot of the sportsbooks online, they all seem kind of the same to me.

I don’t plan on renting a car and probably wouldn’t be driving due to the alcohol factor, but we could always Uber.

Where is the Lions bar? Too bad I will be there during the bye weekend otherwise that could be my top choice.

I have never been to Vegas during football season. I don’t plan on betting like 50Gs over the weekend but might drop a couple grand.

Thanks for the help.

That sounds great. My people. I may fly out just for that.

Ouch. That helps.

Considering you’ve got some time, I’ll think on it.

Can you tell me whereabouts you’re staying? Doesn’t have to be exact, but give me a landmark or cross-street.

My favorite part was being able to bring our own food thanks to them not having a kitchen.

My other favorite part was being the only one there drinking wine, including my wife. :man_shrugging:



I am just looking for a cool place to watch the games. Just wondered if anyone had any fun experiences while being out in Vegas. Like I said, this is my first time there during football season, so I don’t know how it is out there during this time.

Don’t have a hotel yet, but looking to book sometime in the next couple weeks, as this has just come together recently and wanted to see if I could get any advice on here.

The Crowbar looks interesting, some interesting reviews on yelp! LOL!

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