Best RB corps in Lions history?

I think so, although we haven’t seen a couple of these guys in the NFL yet…

But it’s basically Barry Sanders and touchdown Tommy vs. this crew. I think just having 3+ guys who can keep defenses honest is going to be a huge plus in 2020. I expect Huntley to make it vs. Ty Johnson, I guess we’ll see.

I love the fact that they will be able to put out a fresh beast on the field really every down. Too much koolaid?

Barry and it’s not even close IMO


The next coach and GM in 2021 will enjoy these guys.

Covid pass for BQ and MP. Already done, trust me, I’ve watched the Ford product since 1972!

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Remember when Aveon Cason was the Lions starting RB?

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It was very short lived but Altie Taylor & Steve Owen…oh what could have been!

He alone is the best backfield in NFL history. Not sure if that stuff was divine intervention, or trick photography…but I know humans can’t do what I was watching this cat do on TV.

I do think this is easily the 2nd best backfield in my lifetime, for this team.


Barry and anyone is far and away better than anything else. Billy and anyone is next. I think we had a productive pairing in the James gang just before Barry. I like what they’ve put together, but we gotta see them roll.

Can’t wait to see what happens with KJ. My guess is he never sees a 2nd contract from us.

Unlikely he gets a second contract
It’s too common a script in the NFL

Kerryon still has time to make a case for that second contract. It’s less common for RBs in the NFL, sure. But if we see a dynamic duo forming between he and Swift that becomes a motive playoff force, they’ll have to think twice about letting him go when the time comes. It’d be nice if Kerryon put them in a dilemma like that, anyway.

I wasn’t very faithful watching the second half of last season :poop:, so I didn’t get to see a lot of Bo Scarborough. Nice to get some views on what he did do last year. I’m glad the kid got a chance to make something for himself in Detroit. A little universal return perhaps for the Van Noy types whom we let go to see another team reap. We’ve been looking for a big back for so long it seems, here. The desperate times/desperate measures thing in the backfield last year backed us up into the jackpot.To think about what we are entering into this year with the backfield versus last year - its viability quite unlike what we’ve had.

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Any “Best RB Corps in Lions History” conversations begins with:


…and ends with “whoever else played with him”.


Line nailed it , looks good , but we have to see them actually play together to see how good they are.

Agree with Barry plus anyone over any other duo. But, from a recent perspective, I really enjoyed the season or two with Reggie Bush and Joique Bell. Special honorable mention for that group.

Bush and Bell take the prize for the best duo. They literally set a record that had never been done before. They were the first duo in history to each have at least 500 rushing yards and 500 receiving yards. Bush of course went over 1,000 that year rushing.

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Current duo has opportunity to at least match that I think?

Bell & Bush collectively had a total of 2709 yards & 15 TDs in 2013.

To put that in perspective, Billy Sims & James Jones collectively had a total of:

2401 yards & 14 TDs in 1983.
2120 yards & 13 TDs in 1984

Barry & Tommy Vardell collectively had a total of 2698 yards & 20 TDs in 1997.

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LOL at collectively. Barry 95% of it, for sure. Still, love the conversation.

I really liked Kevin Jones, but he was a power back that relied on OL play…and played behind one of the worst OL in history.

It was the first time in NFL history that it had ever happened.

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Barry Sanders had more plays of 20 plus yards, and 40plus yards, than the rest of the RBs…combined!

While our OL sucked, those WRs loved downfield blocking for him, and that was a factor, as well as how often he was used in the screen game.

Barry Sanders was not human.

I believe Swift will be a watered down version of that, but he will be more like Jacobs from the Raiders than Barry.

I would love it, if we could outperform that, but IMO, it was all Barry.