Betting man Brady to 49ers and Jimmy G. to Bucs

I am betting Brady will make a move from Bucs to 49ers which will involve Jimmy G. to the Bucs. The 49ers are going to go all in as they think they are close and Brady may be the thing to put them over the edge. Bucs are going to need a QB and will need the 49ers to give up some players and/or draft capitol. I think this gets done soon!

Some times a take will leave me speechless.


It cost them 3 first round picks to draft Trey Lance last year, can’t see him sitting on the bench any longer.

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Actually, I can. They proved they are in the conversation for the SB with that D. The problem is that they may need to keep Jimmy G if they want another shot. Trey wouldn’t beat Jimmy as the starter next year.

Why not!? Jimmy G is decent, but he’s nothing special. If it costs you 3 first rounders and a 3rd to take a QB, he better be good, real good, or your GM made a huge mistake.

The GM made a huge mistake. Trey is going to be an NFL starter but he doesn’t give them the best chance to make it to the SB.

Can’t judge a guy based off 2 starts. He was 1-1 with 5 TD’s and 2 ints. He also had 168 yards rushing.

I didn’t judge him by 2 starts, his coach did.

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So Brady publicly made a huge deal out of retirement and is supposed to just ignore all that and come back? He doesn’t seem to be that kind of person. That’s an Aaron Rodgers move.

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Work it backwards in a way.

The Bucs need a QB. What would it take to get Jimmy G from San Fran with the current market? Probably a first plus?

Would the Bucs be willing to package the rights to Brady with pick(s) to get Jimmy? It would definitely lower their costs to include a guy who doesn’t want to play for them. Let the 49ers figure out if he wants to come back or not.

I can see that as a possibility.

Just how much you betting ? :thinking:

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Count me in!

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He’s done.

It’s over.

Let it go.

(And the Bucs would laugh their asses off at the idea of Jimmy G. If SF even had an adequate QB, they probably win the Super Bowl. Arians is aiming higher.)

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I almost feel like he’s gonna hurt the team. Decent coach ,but doesn’t seem like the best human.


Fair enough, he was a rookie last year and Jimmy probably gave them the best shot last year, Trey only played because Jimmy injured his thumb. I’ll be shocked if Trey Lance is not the full time starter in 2022. I fully expect Jimmy G to be traded this offseason, just not for a retired Brady.

reading the tea leaves… there might be something to this theory.

With FOX losing both Buck and Aikman to MNF….word is they are going hard after the Manning bros., Brady and Sean Payton to possibly pair with Gus Johnson


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So … Brady, who still currently has a house in Tampa, flew all the way to Europe to have a top secret conversation about his salary and potentially playing next year with … the owner who also lives in Tampa Bay? Stop. Can we please just all stop it.

God almighty, please let it stop.

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Massive upgrade. Love it.