Betting the Lions this week

I just got 7 points from a casino in Northern Wisconsin. I did both money line and the points. Hope I win.


Its dropped to 6 and seems to be holding steady there. Lions have lost four straight in Minny and they’ve been a thorn in our ass for a long time playing there. Good luck to you, but I will be abstaining from laying a bet.

Yet, the over 52.5 is intriguing.

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I’m not a betting man, but I think even if the Lions lose it’ll come down to a field goal. I like that bet! Both games last year with the Vikes came down to the final play. They won one on a field goal, we won one on a last second TD by St. Brown. Should be a tight game.

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I like your odds on that bet
Even if they lose, I expect the Lions to cover

Must get pressure on Cousins
He cannot get comfortable

Goff must have his best game

If those things can happen I like their chances for a win

But this will be their first road test of the season
It’s going to be tough

Looks like Ragnow will play so that’s a plus

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I threw a money line one in as part of a parlay on a free bet

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Missing Harrison Smith really hurts the Vikes defense. Probably the one guy they can least afford to lose.


I had two free $10 bets that I placed for Lions winning at +14 which was at a +1000 odds. I also am betting on the Lions to cover the spread. I REALLY hope I win on that +14.

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We got the ref crew who throws the fewest penalties per game

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I have the Lions at +7, also the ML at +265.

So the crew from last week? Because I couldn’t decipher if the refs were letting them play or the Lions just played that clean. ONE penalty the whole game. I am not sure I have seen that in my lifetime, and I am not a spring chicken.


It was spooky

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They “let them play.” There are several penalties on decent plays for the Lions where I could show you a penalty that might have een called in other games. Particularly against the Packers.


They way I like my women!

Atlanta Rhythm Section - Spooky - YouTube

10 straight road losses. Youre a brave man.

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