Betting Thread

So far I’m really happy about betting LaPorta to get 50+ and a TD. Especially when he was wide open in the end zone. For some reason Goff just doesn’t seem to see him on the field.

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I need Laporta over 40 yards and a Jamo TD

50 pays 1250

Vegas knows more than I. I thought the Chargers would smoke GB

Lions 13-1 live bet after being down 12

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Let’s get the ball back, so LaPorta can break a big one

I got faith

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My man
You should be rewarded for your faith

Wow. Chargers lost. Staley needs to get axed

Lions lessened that blow from your big bet tho
Be thankful

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Best run of luck in my life. Montgomery sealed it for me right at the end. Think I may have lost a couple years of my life this past week.

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You need to give us these picks. You’re on a different level

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Good shit bro

I’d feel terrible if someone else lost money on one of my bets. I have come within one prop of hitting a bunch of times this year sometimes within a few yards. Finally my luck has flipped these past two weeks.

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LOL I thought I had hit some monsters. Nope you beat me.

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A few observations of some stat lines I have been tracking.

Jameson Williams seems to be good for 2 catches in a game, so its safe to take the 1.5 OVER but not the 2.5.

Goff seems to be good for 2 TD passes at home. He will miss occasionally, but whenever there is a 1.5 OVER its reasonably safe to take it.

The Browns seem to gameplan for Kareem Hunt to run the ball 10 times. Even if he’s not productive, he’s going to get those 10 carries. So when the line on his attempts is below 10 (it was 8.5 today), its a good bet to take the OVER.

The Cowboys have a TE named Jake Ferguson. Mike McCarthy seems to gameplan in targets for him each game. Since he is a lesser known player, his total receptions line is lower than it would be if he were a better known player. He is good for 3 catches so a line of 2.5 receptions is easy to play the OVER. He also has 4+ catch games that make a line of 3.5 tempting and will cash in half of the time. He has hit the 3 catch mark in 8 of 10 games so far. For the 4 catch mark he seems to miss it when the game is a blowout. He missed it in a close game against the Chargers that I can not explain. The other 4 times were blowout wins (like today) or blowout losses (like vs the 49ers).

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Only question on Staley is does it happen in season or after the season.

And DAK loves his TEs I always got great value with Shultz last year


I have some safer bets this week, but here is my moonshot if anyone wants to piggyback off of it. The only thing you can’t see is Jerry Jacobs OVER 2.5 solo tackles.


Screenshot 2023-11-23 at 09-54-51 DraftKings Sportsbook

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My parents house is on a reservation. Gotta drive 5 minutes up road to make my bets! Lol