Betting Thread

Nah, you’re not. That was an epic collapse. Hopefully Josh Reynolds can cut you a check.

I only did it so if they did the epic collapse, I wouldn’t be twice as upset

Alright boys what bets have we got?

I just have 2 right now:

  1. both teams to score a rushing TD
  2. Rice and Deebo with a catch in the 1st quarter

Not comfortable taking the spread or the o/u

Been cleaning up lately on some Piston bets.

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I was a couple simple cash outs away from having a massive 1st month

Still killed it with Lions ML those 2 playoff games

Gonna sit this one out. Good luck :four_leaf_clover: to you boys


Yeah I had some good bets if the Lions would have won that 49ers game. Had 2 separate bets for Lions to win it all at +2200. I would’ve cashed one of them as a hedge.

Still, I started my account out with $250 about 18 months ago and it’s up to $600 w / pending bets included. Hopefully I can double it again this year.


I didn’t plan on betting or watching. Joined my wife at some point in the 2nd quarter, and made my final bet of the season.

Do you guys want to keep this going for other sports? Or let it die and start a new one next season?


I ended up about $80 overall on the game.


Anyone else here tapered off their betting since the college and pro football seasons are over? I find it difficult to bet on the other major sports with any accuracy… In the last week and a half I’ve only placed one in game bet on the Pistons, which, luckily I won. I started with $250 in my account and I’m up to $665 now. Had some sizable bets that just missed. Otherwise, I would be up quite a bit more. Don’t be afraid to share hot tips by the way. After all, it’s us against the house.

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I stopped betting entirely until the tourney.


I’ve been gambling on girls middle school basketball. What a rush. :laughing:

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Same. Early in season when I got my chunk wins I kept hammering future bets to try and hit the big one.

Of course I had KC vs SF last year and didn’t rebet this year which was stupid.

Swing and a miss. But my 2 biggest bets of my life hit Lions playoff money line bets. Still a good season but not great or epic.

I’m out until Sweet 16 and then the draft is when I clean up.

I hit a home run when Trey Lance went #3
AR15 to Colts was a big one last year too.

There will be more to come!

@Jason still mad as hell I didn’t cash out GB & DET up big agaisnt SF

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I only cashed 1 of 2. I was half dumb too

I had the Lions winning the SB. I had two for $30 / ea. One was offering me a cash out of about $250 when we were up on San Francisco. Obviously didn’t cash it out. Suckage.

It’s hard to use your mind when your heart is involved

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Stopped, as I crapped.out the Super Bowl, then went on a cruise.

Gonna pick away at NBA player props, a lot of Luka and try and find a way to stack heavy favorites and not get ■■■■■■ every time I do it.

Also, 2 leg buy down parley…like say Tyus Jones 8 assists and Kuzma rebounds.(Wizards) Should be +100 or so.and bad teams with pace rack up stats.

I cashed in on the Super Bowl. I tried to bet on the NBA after that but “shit got weird.” To me it seemed like the trade deadline plus the upcoming all star game led to a bunch of results that were the opposite of what “should” have happened. So I decided to give up and wait until the dust started to settle after the all star break.

I eagerly await the draft related bets that will be available.


I did win my “Lions taking Hutch” bet which was cool. Mostly I haven’t dabbled too much in the draft. Might need to look at it a little closer this year.

Hm. @Mr.Peabody also have never bet on the draft. Looking forward to the discussion in this thread.

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