Bevell finally getting his well deserved praise!

Said it since we hired him - greatest addition to the coaching staff of this team … ever. The best OC we have ever had imho and looking forward to this new season!!


No, that would be former Lions OC Tom Moore:

Moore served in senior offensive coaching roles for three teams in eight years, having the most success as offensive coordinator for the Detroit Lions, the team which led the NFL in total offense in 1995 and was the first team in NFL history to have two receivers with over 100 catches in a season (Herman Moore and Brett Perriman).


Ok, the OP exaggerated a bit
Makes no difference really
It does seem like the guy rejuvenated the offense
That was year 1
Headed into year 2, there’s good reason to be optimistic


By default I’m humble opinion with top talent to boot - the counter opinion is valid here with Tom Moore … he was that successful in part due to the caliber of talent he worked with.

He - assuming here as it will never be known - wouldn’t imo done as well as Befell did last yr … without the starting QB for half the season, half the online injured as well as using how many RB’s and TJ was hurt as well

Bevells ability to adjust under unforeseen conditions and lack of starting talent was and is simply the best I’ve seen ever… so I disagree brother… but I still like Tom… I’d make him #2 on my list …

Bevell should have gotten a nomination forOC of the yr in my book


The good news, Bevell was better in year 2 with Seattle than year one.


As you would expect if the staff is good
No doubt that’s one of the reasons so many are down on Patricia
I maintain their were positive signs early last year but everything got derailed by injury
Let’s hope Patricia can turn this thing around — even if it’s one year later than it should have been

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True, Bevell did a wonderful job with the talent limitations, but Tom Moore did it with Scott Mitchell at QB.

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Let me throw some caution in.

Most Lions fans were in love with JBC his first year too. The Lions offense was ranked 7OA and was less than 3pts a game from being ranked #1 in scoring. Defenses took time to adjust to JBC’s offense but once they did they were able to exploit it. Same could happen to Bevell. The MP encouraged Bevell offense was different than the offenses Bevell had ran in the past. I say it’s a little early to know exactly what we have here. Let me explain some more.

Last year even with a healthy Stafford we lost more than we won. We struggled to close out games. Then when Stafford went down defenses chose to play a ton of prevent. They knew all they had to do was forced our back up QB’s into long drives to win the games. Eventually mistakes would cost us. I think those prevent defenses made those young QB’s and his offense look better than it was.

Bevell offenses have historically struggled to get TE’s involved. Bevell is very good with 11 personnel grouping but still hasn’t showed he can be consistently productive from a 12 personnel. We all know MP wants to run more 12 personnel too. So this year should tell us a lot. We have a lot invested in our TE group and I’m excited to see if Bevell can make the most of it. So far he hasn’t.

Bevell was fired from Sea because of some bone head play calls. He’s kinda known for this too. We saw some of it last year in Det. That alone should be enough for caution but once you factor in the above then I become less convinced it’s time to crown him the best OC in Lions history.

With that said … I think Bevell showed promise. I think he’s the best OC we’ve had since Linehan (who I think was under rated) I do believe he’s a legitimate OC unlike JBC and Lombardi. He brings experience and I think it shows. There’s definitely reason to be excited about the future but I also think there’s reason to have caution too.

All and all I believe a healthy Stafford+above average run game+healthy receivers = above .500. Regardless of what Bevell does on offense and MP does on defense.

This season should tell us a lot.


I am with you firebird. I think that honor belongs with Tom Moore until proven otherwise.

So far I like what I see with Bevell and I’m optimistic.

I need to see less bone head calls and for the investment in our TE’s to pay off before I’d crown him king. Not to mention more wins.


Yeah, many great one year OC’s. Bevell is proven but why did Seattle get rid of him? Bevell has had the luxury of a great QB and RB’s in Seattle, he did nicely here last year without having much to work with.
I’m excited to see what he can do this year with some added weapons.

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Great question - and I found three articles that will make you wonder that still - even after reading all.

  • was it time?
  • was it over reaction?
  • did the relationship between QB and OC run its course?
  • was their hidden resentment by Pete and the SB loss?

I’m glad they fired him so we got him…

As you read these there articles, I think a few thing stand out.

Like Tom Moore- Bevell has top talent. But Bevell still produced…


MP lucked into the dude who saved his job this year. I like Bevell’s play calling. He can ground and pound. He can Air Coryell. Few OCs can do both well.


I veiw him as a creative football mind that can do things with multiple types of talent. I had lots of reservations about him, especially after my initial excitement when we got Lambo from NO. I was so excited, until I realized Lambo was a system guy.

I believe in Bevell, and think this thing will be very fun to watch