Big mistake not going after Gardner Minshew

He is the guy I wanted atleast as a back up , but we never go after him . He got traded for a 6 th rd pick . Do you want a qb with heart then bring him . But we never worry about back up or competition

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That wasn’t a mistake in the lightest. Why the Eagles traded for him I have absolutely no idea. Nobody should’ve traded for him.

We don’t need to give a 6th round pick for a backup QB, because we weren’t really winning anything anyway.


I’m still deciding if I miss this or not….

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Mad Looney Tunes GIF by MOODMAN


I prefer they keep the draft picks to possibly move up in the draft.


We should have went after Gardners valet.


I would have been ok trading for Minshew.


Gardner Minshew has played at a level that puts him in the top backup QB or bottom 1/3 starting QB category. He’s smart, he’s accurate and he doesn’t throw alot of interceptions. Anyone who has a chance to bring him in on a low contract and/or low trade capital should be jumping at the chance.

He threw more TD passes in 8 starts than Teddy Bridgewater has ever thrown in an entire season. And with a completion percentage right in line with Checkdown Teddy Two Gloves.


For a six pick for sure you do it. Still you want to try to win no matter what.

Minshew faded badly when defenses got some film on him and took away the inside and underneath stuff. Classic flash in the pan. But yeah that rhinestone cowboy stuff he does is cool.

This topic makes me want to grow out a mullet and wear jean shorts with crocs.


He’s probably the top backup QBs not on the Bears out there right now. He’s at the same level as a Andy Dalton or Teddy Bridgewater or Ryan Fitzpatrick while being significantly younger and still on a rookie contract and those guys are starting this season.

So giving up a 6th round pick is too much for a young proven backup QB because we need to use that pick to draft a ??? (backup QB?, backup WR?, backup CB?)

It’s tough to find a better player than Minshew in the 6th round, He has a shot to be a decent starter in this league still and the Eagles gave up very little for him. Great trade Eagles, they needed a decent backup. The Jags should have let him start the first 5-7 games then dumped him. Let him take the beating while Lawrence sits safely on the sideline learning then throw him out there once the team settles in.

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I mean it’s not like we’re actually trying to develop blough or boyle, right?

I don’t really see the point in keeping two schmuck level backups.

Salary considerations? 850k.

What again have we gotten in the 6th, like ever, that is better than an experienced mostly competent backup QB?

I’m not really crushed that we didn’t get him but for the price it seems a pretty reasonable opportunity opportunity especially given both of our backup quarterbacks really to be honest are trash


He also did that in Jacksonville
Where he showed potential dispute the messy organization around him
That was tanking for Lawrence by minshew second season

And lions got comp picks maybe coming too

This is where I am.

If we would have gotten Minshew for that price, great. It would’ve made sense, and is absolutely not some sort of overpay (though there would’ve been much wailing and gnashing of teeth over the loss of a bean).

Conversely, I’m not worked up about not getting him. He’s not a franchise-altering player in any way. He’s a top backup, a good player, and a fun personality, but he’s certainly not without his warts and limitations.

At first, I was wondering how this was even a topic… and then I saw the source of the post. It was feeling a little too sane around here; glad the balance is returning to the Force.


Blough is starting to grow on me. His arm looks a little livelier than it did last year.

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Or… he was injured… and played more than 2 games with a broken thumb.

Minshew suffered multiple fractures and a strained ligament in his right thumb on his throwing hand that he initially injured during an Oct. 11 game at Houston.

However, Minshew failed to report to the team that he felt discomfort in throwing hand until after their 39-29 Week 7 loss to the Chargers.

Injured in week 5… but played week 6 and 7… and had his worst completion percentages of his season.


And… the Ravens game was his last of 2020… the video below has plays around the 7:00 minute mark… and it doesn’t seem to showcase the “inside and underneath stuff”.

Gardner Minshew | 2020 Highlights - YouTube


Agreed… and he has been elusive in the pocket when pressured as well.
I definitely prefer him over Boyle.


Yeah, but if Goff wets the bed, we aren’t going to pass in the 1st Rd on a QB because we think Blough could be The Guy, right? That’s what I mean about having 2 guys like that in Blough and Boyle. Totally not neccessary.

Goff/Rhinestone Cowboy/Blough -$400k >>>>>>>Goff/Blough/Boyle/Pick 178

I mean, if we spent a 6th on a 3rd yr LB who while not a starter, isn’t a shambling corpse like Tavai and he’s our 6th LB, no one says boo, in fact they probably like the deal…