Big V ready for his moment as a FT starter

Read a similar article on the Free Press yesterday and they are still reporting his deal as 5 yr/50M. In reality its a 2 year deal and he will stick around if he is above average for year 3.

As far as OL in FA, Bulaga got 10M a year, Fant got 10M a year, Flowers got 10M a year, but this move has largely been a head-scratcher to the media.

He was better than Wagner last year in pass blocking by a slim margin and a wide margin in run blocking. Plus he is like 4 years younger. Like any contract, its a risk but looks like a clear upgrade while we bet on him to take the next step consitently.

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Let’s hope it’s a gamble that pays off.

Thanks for the intel, bro. It appears you are not a bigstupidjerk at all

But you won’t like me when I’m angry BN…

The best part is the audio clip with Florio and King. they hit the nail on the head and make some great points.

Hulk is my fav by a mile (stories that go way back). I know anger better than most. Raised myself with warrior energy. I recognize anger, both primal, authentic anger, as well as manufactured. I believe myself to be an expert in it. I love humans, and I’m sure you’d be no exception.

When dudes spout off in here, I’m merely trying to prevent them from projecting their own bullshit onto other ppl. It doesn’t mean I don’ t like them, just don’ t like their behavior. That distinction will change ppl’s lives.

Sending love to you, my brother…ESPECIALLY when you’re angry (that’s when ppl need it the most).

If it doesn’t feel like an offering of love, it’s a sign that they need some, if not a flat out cry for help. Thing is, you can’t help those that don’t want it. You can only help those that need it.

When ppl need it the most are often the times when they are most likely to reject kindness and love. Anger inhibits our ability to see love as love. Our mind wants to keep us safe, so we reject things that feel uncomfortable.

Thing is, discomfort is where the growth happens! You cannot grow from within your comfort zone, therefore growth is almost always uncomfortable.

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