Biggest need for 2023?

I know it’s early (for once) to talk about beans, but given the way the team has played these last few weeks, what do you think are our areas of need for the draft?

My number one need right now, honestly, is CB I think. Any time Okudah or Jacobs are out, this defense really takes a step back. If Harris has to play on the outside or AO has to play at all, it hurts.

Our depth at LB is also thin, as is DT. I don’t think we need an edge rusher, and I’m perfectly happy with the O as is, pending any FA losses.

So for me, it’s CB, DT, and LB in terms of needs. Agreed? And what does that mean in terms of our two first round picks? Who do you think we should target?

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I want a big nasty d tackle to play next to McNeil and one all around linebacker to pair with Rodriguez. RG needs a slight upgrade. A decent Tight End wouldn’t hurt. If we bring back Elliott then I really like the trio of him, Walker and Joseph. Okudah and Jacobs make a good starting tandem. We need to decided what we’re going to do at defensive end opposite Hutch. Do we hope that RO regains form? I think Harris days are numbered. He didn’t offer much before getting his injured.


I want a new starting RB1 and for Williams to be re-signed. Swift can be RB3.

DT, LB and CB all need starters. Edge is an interesting mix, but could definitely be upgraded opposite Hutch.

Really, my needs list hasn’t changed in a few weeks except I wouldn’t put WR on it. If they could bring back the same group, that would be fine by me.

But “biggest” might just be CB, followed closely by DT and then LB.


Our biggest need is literally exactly what Jalen Carter is.

Our 2nd biggest need is a good CB to pair with Okudah.


My strategy has always been build your team like there is no draft and then draft the BPA (unless you are 1 or 2, then you have a REAL good idea who you are going to get).

CB = AO is FA. He’s not been the same since the back injury. I expect at least 1 FA DB added to the mix.

LB = Analzone is FA. There are a lot of FA LB’s out there in 2023. I wouldn’t be surprised to see us stay on the cheap at LB in free agency and then draft another one in early/mid rounds.

DT = Buggs and Cominsky are both FA’s and I’d love to see the both of them back. A lot of people expect Brockers to be cut and use that money for another FA. This could be one area I could see us spending on as it is the “missing piece” to our D-line.


we need a frenchfries quarterback to ketchup with the rest of the league.


I agree that CB is our number 1 need. I also agree with the argument that Jalen Carter is the player who most allows this defense to take a sizable jump.

But the number 1 need position wise is corner IMO. Whether outside or slot depends on their plan for Jacobs. I think they’d like to slide him inside and get another one of the long, fast guys in this class.


We need to add quality on all three levels of the defense. I wouldn’t say one is a bigger need than the other but certainly an above average starting DT, a starting calibre corner who can hang with any WR2 in this league or do it all linebacker would make a massive difference.

If we could get two of the three this off season then we are talking force multipliers


Our third staring CB is a major liability. Adding a Gonzales or Porter type opposite El Jefe and moving Jacobs inside? Not half bad.


I agree but with the Rams win and possibly more down the road I just don’t see him making it to our pick.

DT is the one area I could see us spending money on. Cutting Brockers frees up $10 million.

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Playmakers at all 3 levels of defense.

A dt to help stop the run and blow up the offense line.

A linebacker who can cover and run with tes and go sideline to sideline and likes to hit

A cb who can cover and has height and length and attitude and can pick off passes.

Get those 3 guys in this draft and watchout league the lions will completing for super bowls.


If getting rams pick 5-10 spot, then i would go CB. Instant starter opposite JO, then that makes some depth at that position. Our own 1st rd pick? Then a DT or LB i would guess.

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Jerry Jacobs has been a pretty good starter and is a young player, when he came back the secondary made a good jump in play. And I’m not sure he would fit in at NB. He seems to thrive more on the outside. I think we need a another good CB but more the NB then boundary guy. I think a guy like Brain Branch could step in to that roll perfectly. But he no top 10 pick. Jerry has earned his spot and has a physical presence to him that fits our defense.


Give me

Dl breese
Lb simpson
Cb forbes

Under the tree for this defense


Can Jacobs play inside ?

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  • Resign Jamaal Williams
  • Find a solution at RG
  • Stout Run stopping DT
  • Veteran LB (even our LB coach is young!)
  • CB opposite Okudah
  • Resign D.J. Chark
  • Sabotage all Ben Johnson head coaching interviews
  • Extend Dan Campbell with 20 year contract through 2042
  • Give Dave Fipp a wheel barrel to carry his huge nuts around
  • Have Peyton Manning and Jeff Daniels work their magic voodoo to put a spell on Brad Holmes ensuring he never leaves Detroit.
  • Re-hire Aubrey Pleasant…so we can fire him again. (I like Aubrey…but it must be done)
  • Buy Penei Sewell some track shoes and a Juggs machine. TE reps in 2023!

1A- Carter
1B- Porter Jr
2A Sewell
2B- Best OG still available.

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Well you better do something at RB. Williams is a FA and Swift will be next year. So RB is a definitely need unless they resign Williams.

Yup, but add a beast RB.

With 5 picks in the 1st three rounds, the Lions should be able to fill all their needs.