Bijan vs Gibbs

Mr. Bijan, meet Mr. Branch…

I NEVER CLAIMED GIBBS WAS ANYTHING , I said give the damn guy a chance , PT , experience, AND a fair shot -LIKE- Swift was given} THEN make your opinion what Gibbs HAS or HAS NOT done. I was never a Swift guy—I gave him a fair shot and when it was all said and done? Swift played part time here due to injuries…He wasn’t Barry Sanders or something and now he isn’t a Lion , but people act we lost such a dynamic RB that can’t be beat by any other back here, I—am NOT saying Gibby will—who knows . maybe Gibbs is a bust that couldn’t make it here --maybe he isn’t. but WAIT and see.

Its insane anyone can justify this pick bijan is already a top 3 ack in the nfl lions muffed it on this one

I personally have always been a bit concerned about the Lions’ draft. I obviously hope it works out - and with the draft I do think that one team can have watertight processes and miss and another team can have unconventional processes and hit - but I do think you’re normally better off playing the percentages.

I’ve been pretty much totally behind Holmes’s drafts previously. I’m still behind the Jamo pick for instance as I can see the logic behind the pick. When it comes to Gibbs though, I’m struggling. He just has to be so, so good to make the pick worth it and I think that’s putting unnecessary pressure on the guy. He’s already being compared to Bijan and Bijan has a much easier path to successful statistics than what we’re asking Gibbs to do. And the vast majority of people believe Bijan is a better prospect anyhow. And that’s even before you begin to wonder whether Bijan was a sensible pick himself.

Gibbs is probably the highest profile example - but with the exception of Branch I think all of the top 6 picks the Lions made me think they were being too cute.

Nobody is saying he is a bust or can’t get better. If he isnt a lead back and just a part time player he is not worth the 12 pick. And if he can’t pass pro he may not get on the field enough to get better.

He isnt good between the tackles and he isnt good at pass pro, he is good at outside runs and receiving. This is not a complete RB, this is a reach at 12. And you keep comparing him to Swift but the problem is Swift wasnt taken in the 1st Rd or at 12. He was taken in the 2nd were almost every draft nick I read had Gibbs going and for the same reason I listed above. He is a gagit player or 3rd down back what ever you want to call it but he is not a lead back.

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I think some posters give a lot more creedance to Mel Kiper Jr, and his type… versus the guys that get paid to make the actual picks during the draft and the teams’ cadres of scout and coaches who are doing much more research on each and all of the individual prospects.

In the case of Gibbs… Brad picks Gibbs (WAY to early) for some posters… and yet we find out after the fact, that there were a few actual GMs who were intending to take Gibbs right after the Lions picked him.

There’s more than one reason why smart people realize it’s difficult to give a final grade on the draft or a prospect until three years have passed… and best to reserve judgment on a prospect or player when only two games have passed.

So it’s fine to have an opinion, but it’s just an opinion. There’s a pretty good chance that it’s not an opinion that is shared by any real NFL GM. So, let posters rush to judgment; rushing to judgment just increases the likelihood that they’re wrong.

It’s all just opinions , but it’s doesn’t change the fact, that both him and Bijan are playing just as there draft profiles said. Gibbs not being good between the tackles and poor pass blocking. Robinson was a complete back that was good at all 3 running , blocking and receiving. I mean you can ignore all that because of your fascination that Holmes makes no mistakes or doesn’t reach . But both are playing like there draft reports reported.


That drop was a little concerning. I know it’s just one drop but he’s supposed to be that guy that can catch that ball and take it to the house. That would of been a game changer.

Gibbs is a “part time player” because our staff uses him that way and not because he’s barely around TO PLAY because of injury like Swift was.

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It’s 2 games. Let’s at least get through half the season before we declare anyone a busy or a bad pick. I will say I wish we would have kept Swift. I get he wanted traded but could sure use him right now.

IF our staff wants Gibbs to run between the tackles, they will make him focus on playing exactly that way , and IF they want him to be a better pass -blocker…they will make sure he works on that to… I ■■■■■■■ hate grand claims of who and what a player is after only ten or twelve snaps in his first two games ! Jumping Jesus let the guy get HIS fair shot here before some final verdict.

Lol just because they want him to doesn’t mean he is capable. And you keep saying 10 or 12 snaps and it’s 51 I believe. You also keep comparing him to swift yet swift was a 2nd rder . And it’s ok if you like Gibbs and think he was a good pic. I don’t. If he was a lead back the could stay on the field like Robinson i would be ok with him. But that’s not the case.

why don’t you like Gibbs , he just started here barely. not every RB is instant bad ass—if they were, we would have Swift still and never have to draft a RB for a few years.

I like him but not as the 12th pick for all the reasons I listed. I think there was a lot players better that would help this team more.

Nope. It is well known that Brad was going to take Gibbs at 6 if there was no trade down. If you listen to Brad and read between the lines the game plan was to draft Witherspoon at 6 and trade up from 18 to around 12 in order to take Gibbs. Those were their main 1st round targets.

They wanted nothing to do with Carter for those who keep bringing him up. He landed in the best situation possible with friends to keep him motivated. I think his chances for success are 100% greater in Philly than any other team because of this.

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well bud–we don’t get to select draft picks—we all estimate who will get picked when and where and make our mock drafts , and whittle down what players we really want–then we get to sit back come draft and watch some of the players we hoped and prayed for —go to other teams -half the time. Nobody here can help where Gibbs WAS drafted/selected , but Holmes and our War Room. They–wanted him and got him. shrug–we get to watch the train roll by …shrug. ME? I’m going to give him the benefit of the doubt and judge later as I’ve said five times.

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Ask me again on Sunday night…

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Didn’t Swift struggle with pass pro as a rookie ? I thought that was a thing with The Child Beater getting more snaps than his ancient legs could carry because he could still read a pass rush & at least get in the way…

Not sure you’ve seen enough to make the same assessment about Gibbs. I think he looks a lot stronger & willingly physical than I expected. That usually bodes well for pass pro, imo. Maybe Monty was just better which is unsurprising, given all the practice he had behind CHI’s sieve of a line.

Clearly, it’s gonna be a Himalayan climb to convince you of the pick value there, but I think you’re being a little hard on The Gibber with the weight of expectation on the scale you’re using. Of all your rooks, he does seem to be the one flinching/indecisive a bit under the bright lights, for sure, but it was a tough & fired up SEA front 7. Pretty sure I saw both LaPorta and Wright get keister-caked, too.

It’s not like he’s Mattison-ed a bunch of dink/dunkers or ran around behind the LOS trying to do a Barry like some jukey kids out of college think they can do in the bigs.

I get that a committee/rotation is likely, but I hope they find the silver lining in Monty’s injury and give him enough consecutive reps to get grooved. I think he’s pressing a bit with the relatively sparse chances in isolation.

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I’d feel better if he only struggled in pass protect. He got ragdolled

“Gibbs is going to get more of a role and we’re going to do what we do. And really, our focus was on how we attack this opponent more than the backs that we have.”

Over the first two weeks Montgomery has been Detroit’s leading ballcarrier, carrying 37 times for 141 yards (3.8 avg.) with a couple touchdowns. Gibbs has carried it 14 times for 59 yards (4.2 avg.) but has also caught nine passes for 57 yards.

Campbell said the Lions will still use a committee approach with Craig Reynolds and Zonovan Knight expecting to get carries too, but Gibbs is expected to lead the way, and the rookie is excited for that opportunity.
“It’s always exciting when you get to play some more and touch the ball some more,” Gibbs said this week. “I’ll be pretty amped up for (Sunday).”

This week’s opponent, the Atlanta Falcons, have a potent rushing attack led by fellow rookie Bijan Robinson, who was the first running back taken in the draft at No. 8. Gibbs was the second back taken at No. 12. Robinson has rushed 29 times for 180 yards (6.2 avg.) with 10 receptions for another 75 yards and a score.

“They’ve done a great job using him,” Gibbs said of Robinson. “His skillset he can do pretty much everything and it’s really impressive with his size being 220 (pounds). Him being able to move like that is special.”