Bill Belichick is an all-time great coach but his coaching tree pales in comparison to mentor


There is only one master and he isn’t giving away his secrets. He definitely is not a good mentor if all of his apprentices are terrible.

I don’t know if this is entirely true. I think the real strength in Belichick, is that he knows exactly what he wants and is looking for, and he goes and gets exactly that. He doesn’t care if you can’t do everything. He only cares if you can do the one thing he asks you to do. Do it, and you are successful. Don’t do it, and you are gone.

Nick Saban built MSU, LSU and now Alabama into college football powerhouses. He was a Belichick guy. Saban went to Miami and was very unsuccessful, and in my opinion he gave the secret away when he said he enjoyed college better than NFL because you don’t have to worry about the cap, and you get to pick your own players at will. You can say it’s easy because he can pick from any 5 star guy he wants, but he still manages to keep finding guys who win titles, and other coaches (Cough Jim Harbaugh) cannot find the guys to build a championship team.

The other name I think people keep forgetting, is Ozzie Newsome. How many of us would love for him to come to Detroit? He was a Belichick guy. He has had massive success, and I think a lot of people forget that he credits Belichick with teaching him how to run the draft and manage a franchise.

I think what’s more telling about the reason Belichick guys fail as HC’s, is because they are only good at one job.
Jim Schwartz, good defensive coach. Charlie Weiss is a great offensive coach. Romero Crennel, good defensive coach. Josh McDaniels, great offensive coach. Eric Mangini, good defensive coach. Etc.

For Belichick, I still see him as Bill Parcells. I think Belichick is the one who learned the most from Parcells. Pick your sport, it is extremely difficult to both be a coach, and a GM. Parcells did it. Scotty Bowman did it. Bill Belichick does it. I will never forget reading about Parcells and his approach to building a team. He has a very specific set of guidelines for every player position. If you do not fall in line with that, he does not pick you. He was asked once, if you are looking at a linebacker, and he is a little shorter than you like but faster and more talented, do you take him? Parcells said that no, because once you make an exception, you have a team full of exceptions. To most people that would be crazy, but Parcells knew what he was doing. I think Belichick has this exact mindset. Belichick knows what he wants. He goes and finds those guys who can do it, and then he teaches them how to do exactly as he wants it. You stray off the path, and you are history.

If you ever want to know more about Parcells, here is the link to a football life. Which features a lot of Bill Belichick. This personifies how I see coaching, and what I would do and look for if I was running an organization.