Bills at Lions Preview--from the Opponent's Point of View

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Yeah… Not a lot of respect from their side. A few times they brought up a decent stat for one of our guys, they mentioned how they have a better guy. (Diggs over ARSB, Allen over Goff, etc).

Maybe they will overlook us a bit? Maybe the wonky back and forth on a short week will throw them off? Maybe we are actually starting to be a better team?

I’ll be watching either way, so here’s hoping it’s decent!

Bills lead the league in net scoring differential.

We are facing what could still very well be this year’s Superbowl champ.


I think so too, man. They’ve been my fav to win it all since preseason.
…thing is…I said that last year too.


What if…we win?
I’ll bet the national media has been preparing the excuses since last Thursday.


The stories will 100% be more about how Buffalo lost than how Detroit won.


Buffalo is very talented but man people are acting like they are unbeatable. They’ve lost 2 of their last 3 games. The Vikings beat them on the road (in an amazing game btw) and then got smoked at home vs the Cowboys who we were fairly competitive with on the road.

Buffalo should win this game, but if they come out flat they are going to get trucked.


Signature win that, unless Buffalo goes on to lose more games like Arizona did last year, makes the national media genuinely take notice. What it does for us at home? Man, I don’t even know. The Lions grinding out a win against the Bills would have every single one of us in a completely different frame of mind.


It sure would with the Jaguars looming after the break for a possible 6-6 record heading into the division revenge matchup with the Vikings at home.

But even if the Lions lose to the Bills, they could win the next 5 (Jags at home, Vikings at home, Jets, Panthers, Bears at home, to be 9-7 heading into the finale at GB.

It would have everyone in the Den saying

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And then - look at Purple. If you believe DVOA, they should only beat the Bears and the Colts. While losing to us, GB, NE, NYJ and NYG. Which puts them at: 10-7. Even if we lose to the Bills, but win those games above, and the GB game, we are 10-7 with a better division record.
We’re coming for you Purple!

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I’m hoping for a well contested game either way. Would I love a win, hell yeah, but looking for progress this year is all. The rest is gravy…


You can’t fool me with hope, you Wascawy Wabbit.

bugs bunny cooking GIF by Looney Tunes


Where the hell do you get that?:laughing:

Bills are a 9.5 point favorite.


I think the main thing going for us is not only the short week… but a short week after buffalo was in chaos. They are distracted and had to fly back to buffalo quickly to help.their families… then are traveling back to Detroit. This may give us a shot. But unlike an over achieving giants team… we can’t beat this bills team straight up. If they are dialed in…they might light us up. But the fatigue… and maybe some trick plays, etc… maybe we can steal it. If I had to guess though… I think it still serves as a get right game for buffalo


Yup - need turnovers, big plays, trick plays…stuff like that. This roster is not the same as theirs…but we do have a lot of intangibles on our side.
As stated
-Chaotic situation for Bills
-Lack of prep time
-Lions are semi-used to this annual game (only 2nd year, but still…been there/done that)

It IS Elmer Fudd we’re talking about here–come on your better than that !

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He called a lionfrog a wabbit…
Damn near triggered me.

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I’m just protecting myself.

Believe me, I’ll be as giddy and overjoyed as every other Denster will be if our sliver of hope becomes reality. I’ll be checking my pulse to see if I died and went to heaven if the Lions pull off a win on Thursday. Where’s my dancing banana emoji???


Bro! How many times do you have to be told?
I’m a dick!:laughing: