Blessing in Disguise

I’m going to keep this somewhat short. I’m beginning to believe the lack of a sure-fire stud at 2 is going to be a blessing in disguise for us Lions’ fans.

Without any anecdotal evidence or “science” to back this up, I truly wonder if this also takes some of the pressure off Holmes and the rest of the FO. It seems like the vast majority of drafts, you can more or less predict which players will go 1,2,3, or at least 1-3, or 1-4, etc. I have to imagine teams sitting in these spots more or less succumb to the rankings, then proceed to half-heartedly and conservatively select a specific player to avoid backlash (Okudah?).

Now, this is obviously barring a trade-down scenario. I think the Lions will feel relatively un-pressured to apply their best combination of homework and gut-feeling into making a selection at 2. Whether that’s a guy like Hamilton, Ekwonu, Walker, Thibs, etc. Who knows? Possibly even something seemingly off the wall like the LB Dean or a WR in London or Wilson. That’s the beauty of having the 2 spot. “Experts” and “analysts” rank hundreds of players and that’s primarily what we see as fans. What we need to understand is the Lions FO and scouts have been working their asses off everyday sorting through these high-end prospects. If they absolutely fall in love with someone, understand that it’s probably for the right reason - even if the pick seems contrarian to your Mel Kipers of the world. I trust Holmes and co. to take the right guy.


I am good with a out of the box pick. But i think this will set up well for an actual trade down. Some team will fall in love with a qb, de, or LT and want to jump up to get their guy. Would love to grab 3 or 4 of the top 40 in this draft

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Agree. So many day 1 starters in the top 40-50

Its cool to see how many times Lions fans say that about this regime after a single season where we only won 3 games. I do too. Talk about leadership. Dan Campbell must be the Wizard of Detroit. Hmmm… W.O.D., I think I have a new nickname for the big guy! lol!

This is a making chicken soup out of chickenfeathers type mindset.

We have no elite talents on this team…
Maybe Sewell.

We are drafting #2OA.

No elite talents.

This is not a blessing.

All the rest is window dressing.

Not that I disagree with the idea that there are a lot good starting caliber guys in the 25 to 50 range and we need more beenz…I do.


I am not for trading up, down, and all over hell again at all unless we give up scrubs for picks.

Ok Mel Kiper Jr Jr.

So you’re telling me we’ll look back on this draft class in 5 years and not be able to identify an elite starter taken in the 1st round? You sound ignorant and unnecessarily pessimistic.

You sound like if you want to keep making personal attacks you will find another place to talk about the Lions. Soon.

There is a Code of Conduct pinned to the top of the forum. You should read it and understand that after building this community for 2 decades, we are very happy with the culture here and new posters have a short leash until they have shown they add value to the community.


How dare you sir. How dare you! Did Jack fox get cut? Is he no longer on the roster? You should go into exile for 48 hours and think about your failures. :rofl::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


48 hours of castigation from my doggos and flagellation with ramen noodles commencing.

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@BigNatty would be proud!!


The Packers have gone 39-10 in 3 seasons and their fans are less optimistic than the Den.

That should tell you a mixture of optimism and delusion is at an all time high. I like BH and I want him to succeed. Not sure why we can’t let him succeed first before anointing him the next great GM in the NFL.

They will be giving him an increased role this year, now that we’re going max effort for wins. He will account for a couple of wins by himself.

After watching him throw I hope he becomes our qb2 lol

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Willis will be learning under Fox for a couple of years before we shift Fox to other duties.
This is gonna be dope!

That’s a great plan if you want to destroy the kids confidence. You don’t show a new painter Michelangelo and tell him he has one year to get to that level!

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Good point. Also, being around someone that handsome could absolutely slaughter your self esteem.

Nobody said being in the nfl was easy bro

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True. It’s one thing to have your self esteem as an athlete ruined, but quite another thing to have your self esteem as a man ruined.

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may you get paint brushed with honey and sent to the highly inhabited bear forest.