Blitzing Stafford failed miserably

Ron Jaworski


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When the #Eagles blitzed Matt Stafford: 8 snaps, 62% comp, 10.1 yd/att, 1 TD and 135.9 passer rating…


No blitz/Base Rush: 25 snaps, 54% comp, 5.0 yd/att, 0 TD & 68.1 pass rating!


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Gym Shortz thought he could rattle Stafford and got burned.

Actually, Stafford did a very good job avoiding free rushers and collapsing pockets too. He made a few errant throws, but his work in the pocket was one of the reasons there were no sacks and a big part of escaping with a W.


Well that’s good to hear. Reading that other thread about improving the running game I was under the impression that Stafford only completed like 10% of his passes…:man_shrugging:t6::man_shrugging:t6::man_shrugging:t6::man_shrugging:t6:


One play they came with blitz and Stafford threw it off platform to a guy crossing over the middle right where the blitzing LB came from.

It was ARog’esque

I didn’t notice…did the Eagles players carry Schwartz off the field yesterday???

No. Our players tried to carry Patricia off the field though. It added some names to this weeks injury report.



The difference is that the Lions WR’s do not get separation. When they blitz there is much more room as he has to get rid of the ball quickly blitz or not.

This much is true. Lions WRs do not get open often. It usually requires a perfect throw only the WR can get. Tough job for your QB.

Looking at the all-22, I see the Lions WR getting separation. What I see is that Stafford, while being kept clean, his pocket collapses pretty quickly and he needs to get the ball out quickly.