Blough released!

Thank god now let’s go get a real backup Brad!!


All I can say, with the way that Boyle and Blough played, they are not going to be signed by anyone. Safe to put on PS.

I love the moves that Holmes/MCDC are making.


He must have someone already in order to go with one an not knowing for sure he gets one on PS

Ian Rapoport


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The #Lions are expected to sign former #49ers backup QB Nate Sudfeld, source said. They had discussions about trading for him, now land him as a free agent.

Less in-game experience than either Boyle or Blough. Head scratcher.

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What part is a head scratcher? Both guys sucked when given the chance to claim the backup role. Is Sudfeld going to be that much worse than Blough? Is that possible?


Wow…It’s the right move but I’ve never seen us have the guts to do such a thing. Garbage backup QBs have been Detroit’s thing since they let what’s his name go 10 years ago. Dam, what’s his name? He was a quality backup QB, the only one I can remember in my lifetime ('xcept I can’t seem to remember him). Anyway, this move shows an actual higher quality standard. I love it. Jon Kitna! Yeah, that was our last competent backup QB,

Shaun Hill!


Strange they would go after someone with even less experience.

Really hard to be worse than what was there, though.

Who? LOL!

Duce Staley knows him very well.


the guy that threw the ball resulting in the calvin rule. very much a quality backup and starter. not flashy but got the job done.

He was very good an move on from Detroit for a lot more money an played I think St Louis Rams the 3 years for 49Rs 3 season Vikes drafted him played there 3 seasons an 4 with Lions.

He was a solid backup Thats WHO he was

Whoever is evaluating QBs for this staff has me very concerned.


Suds cant be any worse than Blough, Boyle


This guy can actually throw the ball downfield for more than ten yards with decent accuracy. That’s why we’re going after him.


Big statement no explanation? Both deserved to be released Does that make evaluater bad or the two QBs?

Blough should make it to practice squad. Good spot for the 3rd qb.


this guy is 6’6". they saw all those batted balls at the line and got pissed so they signed a tree.


No both did deserve to be released, but replacing them with Nate Sudfeld isn’t a gain of any kind.

The new backup qb went to indiana u. So he knows cold weather and losing. He should fit in.