Blough to be cut as well?

Adam Johnson


#Lions cutting QBs Tim Boyle, David Blough today per my source. Jared Goff will be the lone QB on the roster, for now.


Excellent! Sign him to practice squad and claim a qb or 2. If that claimed guy has to go into game just make offense basic. Not like blough could do much anyways in game.


Its like they’re reading my mind, beyond the part where it says “Large, vacant space for rent…” :laughing:

Blough will be a good #3 QB for some team.

Wonder who we have our eyes on for Backup QB.

Please delete this. Apparently, this is some kind of parody or spoof account. The guy, if he exists, is not associated with ESPN.

But, that doesnt make his assertion less possible🤷‍♂️

Might as well just delete the entire Internet. 99% false garbage these days.

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I don’t understand what the motivation for people is to do this kind of stuff. I mean, I’d get it if it were satire or something. But what’s the big victory in momentarily tricking people who are admittedly not spending any effort trying to vet the veracity of information they’re getting?


I can’t see cutting both at the same time. That seems like an invitation to Murphy.
Game 1 Goff goes down and instead of a crappy QB that knows the system, you got nobody that knows the system.
Murphy loves that shit!
Did nobody in the Lions organization see what we all saw last season?

Imaginé they won’t cut blough until they sign another QB


LMAO Blough and good , you still got it moose ! :rofl:

I completely agree, but some people just love to troll people, they get a kick out of it. They are weak and pathetic.

Can we lock this thread!?

#fakenews twitter account

If it’s any consolation, you weren’t the only one sucked in. A publication called Saturday Tradition also reported this story, citing the same bogus source. The difference being that you’re not a paid journalist, you checked the source, and you have the integrity to ask for it to be pulled when finding it out. All of which the folks at Saturday Tradition failed.

Kudos to you @FreebirdPartDeux :clap: . Thanks for trying, correcting, and following through! :blush:

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Ironically, the fake guy turned out to be right–just one day late.


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