I think that each team needs to be able to assess where they are and where they are headed in both talent and contract stability…

1- gaping hole
2- stop gap starter
3- solid starter
4- good player
5- foundational player

Being able to assess where we are this year, next and maybe the year after based on skill, age, and contract length is key… No team will ever be void of a few #1’s and #2’s… no team will ever be able to afford to keep more than 4/5 guys in #5 bracket long term.

If a team runs a scheme that allows as many #3s to perform at 3.5-4.0 level, then the ease and cost to replace and maintain is easier!

Right now we have Big V and Crosby for what could be just 1 more year. Right now we have neither a RG nor a RT set in stone. Look closer at Big V contract… sure we save 5M by cutting him next year, but we’d need to replace him for 5M-

—— so imagine cutting him and eating 4.6M and then paying a guy like Dahl level 3.5M, and suddenly there is 8.1M tied to RG and did we really improve? Big V costs 8.4M next year. I’d take Big V with a new coach and scheme for 8.4M vs cutting him and signing a low level UFA for 8.1M all day…

I was very disappointed in how he played last year, but same with Walker, Okudah, Flowers, and even Collins. The team was such a mess from GM down, it’s hard to grade anyone.

What does that mean for 2021???

Cephus, Penisini, JRM, A Bryant, Ford, N Williams, Harris, and Crosby have shown zero to give me confidence they are solids starter level players in 2021 and beyond.

Sure if we give Cephus 95 targets, he might catch 55 balls and 750-800 yards. Would I bet on that? No… Would I give up now? No, I’d give him 2021 to prove a viable WR3… we don’t have a #1 or even #2 beyond 2021 though- so WR is “gaping hole”

Same can be said for DT, S, MLB, RT and Nickle…

Our best chance to fill a spot still in UFA is at MLB and CB…

Either KJ Wright or Eric Wilson would take a LB spot from a 1 to a 3, possibly a 3.5-4.0.

B Poole or C Heyward could bring a veteran presence to our CB room. Also adding a 1 to #3 jump on our depth chart.




5 QBs
3 WRs
2 OTs

We could trade down to 12, and one will be there, but I’d prefer #9 and add a 2nd.

I think one of the elite OTs will be there, or J Chase.

Lawrence- jags
Wilson- jets
Fields (Jones is smoke to deter trade to #2)-49ers
Pitts- falcons
Sewell- Cincy
J Waddle- Phins
Lance - Broncos
M Parsons- panthers

  • Detroit- Slater? J Chase? Trade down to #15???

I’d take the trade down…add 2nd and 3rd

NE takes M Jones
Surtain- Cowboys
J Chase- Giants
D Smith- Eagles
R Slater- chargers
J Phillips or Rousseau- Minn

  1. Detroit- Darishaw or Tucker at RT…

We’d have 3 picks in round 2…

I’d trade Broncos and Pats picks in round 2 to move up to around #23-25

Z Collins, C Barmore, D Nixon - depends on how Collins runs. Low 4.6s yes, otherwise penetrating DT.

  1. Alijah-Vera Tucker RT
  2. C Barmore or D Nixon DT
  3. E Moore WR
  4. Richie Grant FS
  5. D Moses/Other MLB
  6. A Rodgers- WR
  7. CB

Big V
A Vera-Tucker

  • with a big Ragnow extension this OL still only costs 36M in 2021 and cut big V after 2022 for nearly no dead cap and draft 3rd round RG next year.

T Williams
E Moore

We’d have 3 sub 4.4 guys, a bully after the catch in Rodgers and a red zone target in cephus. Cheap and balanced.

C Barmore/N Williams
R Okwara/Harris

J Collins/D Moses
KJ Wright/J Okwara


R Grant
T Walker/W Harris

Guys like J Okwara and Harris and Moses would be eased into playing and hopefully at some point take over a position, or at worst be cheap rotational players.

I think a RT like Tucker and penetrating 3 tech like Barmore do more than any other options. DT pressure takes heat off secondary, forces interceptions, and blows up run plays. Studly OL play keeps QB clean and confident and allows balance through run game success.

Take a look at Barmore and Nixon film and compare that to D Brown last year. It feels like DT was considered week because many of the top guys opted out in 2020- and I think with guys with stats, film and sub 4.9 40s there is a steal to be had there!

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Just pick the three in the 2nd round. Do not move back into the 1st. Good ideas.