Bob Quinn and playmakers

This draft and free agent period. He is looking for playmakers.
He traded Slay.
He brought in Okudah.
Can any of his other draft picks be dubbed playmakers?
I think he got four:

DeAndre Swift Is a difference maker. I think he immediately changes the backfield. I think because he impacts both passing and running game (like Kamara) he is a playmaker.

Okudah is a great corner. I like him and he becomes the number one corner. That impacts the game. If he can make the game changing plays is just a guess. But taking out an opposing number one consistently is being a difference maker. That’s two.

James Huntley, returner, RB4 Game breaking speed, 5 return TD’s. Think Mel Gray.

Okwara, even in a edge rushing specialist role, makes a difference to this pass rush.


I’ve a hard time labeling players as ‘playmakers’ until they prove they are. Golladay is , Stafford is, Amendola is , MJ is , know I’m forgetting a few. but new players have to prove /earn that lable.

Okudah was anything but a “playmaker” in college. He is not a ball hawk by any means and isn’t an absolute burner who will be used on a lot of blitzes. I don’t see him being the CB1 for at least a couple years. He had to face barely any high end WRs in college and was grabby against some pretty mediocre WRs. Slay was a playmaker and a true CB1.

Swift has the potential to be a real play maker in the NFL. His instincts are excellent. I am hoping we got the best back in the draft. I wanted Taylor, but Swift is not disappointing at all. Upgrade from Kerried off Johnson.

I think Okwara will take some time to get acclimated to the next level. He’s not a plug and play type of guy. The ceiling for him might be high, but the floor is also low in my opinion. He will go stud or bust.

As for Huntley, I could see a small JD McKissick role carved out for him, but not sure on the special teams role. I mean, if he is takes on the kick return role, does that mean we will cut Agnew?

I think if Agnew is going to make this team it has to be as a corner and THEN he can fight to keep the return role. We now have a guy who can easily, and maybe even better, step into the return role and he can help in other areas. If Agnew can’t get on the field on defense he’s of little to no value to the team now

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I think of value and success in the draft a little more in terms of year one starters. Game-changer generally seems to be reserved for specialists. Starters: Okudah yes. J Jackson yes. Swift .5 - there would be a lot of role sharing early on but I’d suspect, if unspoken, he takes 1a RB role before the year is over. Okwara .5 - He is also in such a fluid, hybrid role that by system design its hard for me to see him as a lock there. But, someone correct me if I’m wrong - he and Bryant are the only viable players at the DE role that also have drop back LB responsibility. Hand, Romeo, more 3/5 tech players. All players with DE role, but it could be Hand/Julian that we see there predominantly. After a down senior year, Julian needs to prove it too.

Anyway, I’d agree on Swift/Huntley. Yeah, the latter’s potential in the return role has game-changing potential. That’s without the intrigue of him at the McKissic role. Agree with BigP, takes longer for a CB to be a playmaker as early. I wouldn’t cap him, though I would expect him to be serviceable/reliable and maybe have some glimpses his rookie year.

If ‘game changer’ seems to be a moniker somewhat exclusive to specialist-types, we had a good draft. Swift/Huntley are exciting. Okudah could be special, but you get more of a ‘prove it’ snap reaction with complicated positions like CB.

Speaking of development at complicated positions, regressing to last year’s draft value and game-changers, I still have some optimism that Hockenson bursts into the game-changing role that we thought we may have sensed last year, which still speaks to OP intent…

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