Bob Quinn Open to Trading Down

If someone good doesn’t fall, I’m fine with this. I might not want to risk trading down if I really liked a player and thought they would get drafted, but this doesn’t sound that bad. I would definitely consider it.

If they could get an extra 3rd out of it, that’d be good. Might net them a better WR or TE or CB. Or an IOL that might give them somebody at RG that can run block.

meh. What else is he going to say?

“no, no trade down. Definitely no.”?

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Exactly! Of course we’ll trade down, for the right price.

Yeah, I know. It’s not like if he was offered 3 1st round picks to move back one spot, he would say no. In my opinion, you have to keep all of your options open.

Almost exactly what Bob Quinn has also said in recent weeks (and last year, and the year before…)