Bobby Wagner?

Just want to get some thoughts on Wagner. We supposedly had interest last year when he became available. He likely wanted to play for a contender so I doubt that got very far.

The Rams are seriously hurting for cap space right now. They are not only over the 2023 cap right now, but are project over the 2024 cap as well. In 2024 they are currently over the cap by 3mil per overthecap, and that is with only 35 players and including the projected salary cap of 256mil for 2024.

Maybe they put all the chips in for another run in 2023 with McVay back and they just keep kicking that can. They could probably do that for another 2 seasons before they are forced into doing what the Saints have been doing for the past couple years.

Maybe they realize that they need to get considerably younger and start making that transition now.

Trading Bobby Wagner would save them 8.5mil against the cap in 2023. IF he were to become available, what are everyones thoughts? The draft capital to acquire him would be minimal, my guess a 6th round pick tops.

He would be the leader this defense desperately needs in the middle and could groom a replacement. He was playing like one of the best LB’ers in the game in 2022, so he still has it.

If we could somehow added Wagner and Ramsey this off-season, plus retain our own key guys and add a few in the draft, this defense could be elite in 2023.


I’m not interested in Wagner. Those are exactly the kinds of players and bad contracts that have mired past rosters in mediocrity. They’re more name and draw than production at this point in their career. We’d probably get maybe one decent to good year before the wheels fell off. I’d rather Holmes stick to building through the draft.


These suggestions for players like this are all over social media. It’s a bit ridiculous imo. Why would the Rams trade away their veteran players when they are definitely going to try and win next year. They have a handful of high end, high priced talent that doesn’t make sense to move this offseason. The Rams believe they are contenders still.

If you want to add a Linebacker to lead a team I think the best option on a one or two year deal is Lavonte David. He seems like the type who would be interested too. A rising team with a major LB need and a punch you in the mouth mentality. That’s who I would like to see the Lions being in on.

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We would not be on the hook for any guaranteed salary if we traded for him, which means he can be cut with no consequence.

At little investment in draft capital, would it matter if he was a 2023 rental?

I really like the Lavonte David option as well, if we want to spend on a LB’er.

Regarding the Rams, I could easily see McVay saying screw the next guy, lets go for broke this year.

McVay doesn’t have final say though. Snead has to pick up all these pieces once McVay leaves. Who knows how concerned Snead may be about this as maybe he has the same mindset as McVay.

The Rams are already in some serious cap trouble for 2024 and beyond. They realistically need to create about 30-40mil in cap space this off-season to build a roster. They have no obvious cut candidates on their roster. The have a ton of guys they can restructure, but that will inflate an already bad cap situation in 2024 and beyond.

Maybe that is the route they go.

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They already knew they would be in this position for a while though. Why pay Matt? Why sign Wagner just last year if an injury plagued season was gonna change your line of thinking? The Rams were down to 3rd string OLman from the jump this year. A position group they could not afford to lose anyone. It just doesn’t make sense to me at all that they would decide to blow it up one year removed from winning the SB.

If they do trade one of those guys, might as well trade them all and completely blow it up. This probably does happen as soon as 2024…but I don’t think it happens this offseason.


I want to keep building through the draft and bring in guys like Chark on prove it deals when possible.

Nah. Maybe Suh though, since the DT draft class is so crap. Draft a couple of corners in the first round and then sign Suh. Then, the only problem left is Aaron Glenn.

I’d rather spend that draft capital on a young linebacker with upside like we did Rodriguez. That’ll be of more use to us moving forward. At minimum they’d help on special teams.

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From Sherman

Could lions have offered more ?

Just lowballing a guy,” Sherman said. “There’s a difference between lowballing and being disrespectful and they got borderline disrespectful. Thankfully, Bobby really wanted to be with the Seahawks, and he really wanted to come back home. Because other people offered him more money.”

I don’t think it’s low-balling. I think BH and co. are operating with options this FA.

Option 1, Option 2, Option 3.

They decide what they are comfortable with if said player would like to come into the fold. If Option 1 says no, they move to Option 2 and so forth.

If none of the 3 sign, they go back to the draft board and keep working where they’ve already got 4 options.

They are thinking of the cap, the team and ALL 53 guys on it, not just a big fish to hamper them. Culture and coaches and contract numbers gets some of those FA here, some of them it doesn’t.

There is no way either Brad or Dan don’t 100% respect Wagner. Don’t know if they dealt strictly with his agent but if they spoke with Wagner, I’m sure they more than conveyed that.

I could probably articulate this better but I think most of you get what I’m saying. They are not going to jeopardize their overall plan - and in turn they have six backup plans for everything to stay within the spectrum of said overall plan.

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Wagner doesn’t have an agent….




I was wondering if lions offered more than Seattle is what I meant.

Which I’d completely agree with if that was the case. The eye test does scream hometown discount.

That’s what Sherman said He wanted to be in Seattle