Bold Take - Georgia D

They are all good-great prospects, but none are or will ever be truly elite. Made for an awesome college defense, but a headache for front offices. I know, put the whiskey down!

I would still take a chance on guys from.that d that have high end athletic traits like walker and cine. If they dont want to go with tibbz or hutch

Well athletically, a lot of those guys are already elite. And no one can say they’re not really well coached. I wonder if there was ever a college Defense with that many great athletes on it at the same time

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I’m good with some good to great prospects joining the Lions defense.

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2001 Miami defense was great…
the guys in green were NFL draft picks and included Ed Reed, Wilfork, Sean Taylor, Buchanon, Vilma, DJ Williams, etc.

11 picks in the 1st round in total…